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editor's note:
Newbury Park

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: 805 newbie

Unlike a lot of the parks on this little skatepark list of ours, we got to watch Newbury Park go from conception to sick sessions. Having visited hundreds of skateparks, it's a pretty sweet feeling knowing how many sick lines will pull thru this park in the next few years. Big thanks out to the Conejo Valley Parks for their support of skateparks, and especially Mr Loren Pluth for his efforts to bring this park to the 805. The park rides pretty nice and the kids are obviously stoked. Hell ya, good job!

Having paid our proper respects, we'll proceed to some small criticisms of an otherwise noble effort. 1.) The coping on the taco is wack - sticks out too far [spank the contractor!]. 2.) The bowl... bowls aren't supposed to be made of *flat banks*. It's kind of pathetic to watch kids try "coping tricks" after their speed is killed at the top of a flat bank... you can't let *tech* skaters tell you how to build a fundamentally *hesh* feature. Live and learn. 3.) That fence... why, why, WHY?!? Designers are supposed to build parks for the kids, but I bet you a zillion bucks nobody was beggin' for a fence around the park. Since they don't actually keep anyone out, they're just a waste of cash/time/space that could have gone into making the park more *fun* [that "pretty" landscaping is a waste of time, too...]. What's more, fences are dangerous, ugly, and tend to increase overcrowding of skateable surfaces... uuurrrggg! But at least no one can *steal* the park, right!

From Newbury Park you've got tons of nearby options available to you. To the east you've got Camarillo, Hobart, SkateStreet, Ojai, Carpinteria, and SPL home base, Skater's Point in Santa Barbara. Heading east, we've got a couple more for you... You've got SkateLab in Simi, plus brand new parks in Encino and Northridge.

Directions: Take 101 Highway north from Los Angeles to the Wendy Drive exit and head south. Make a right [west] on Borchard Rd. The skatepark is in a parking lot on the northeast corner of the intersection of Borchard Rd. and Reino Rd. If you head right [north] on Reino you can park right next to it.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Scott Blum bustin' the
Eddie Villa inspired early
grabs on that stalefish tip
at the lovely Newbury Park
skatepark [whew!]

^ Chris Case w/
more pop-pop than
a 9 mm

^ Sean Foy's great
grandfather in this
vintage BSTS footage
shot in 1903...

^ Chris again w/
a blast to flat

^ In this picture
they're trying to
get this rail up...
[Construction: 2/01]

^ ...and in this shot,
Sean's trying to beat it
down! 5-oh...

^ Sean w/ a feeble

^ Nice! Great sign.
Nice fence, too...
Feel like you're
getting your $$$
worth? You built
it to be skated, right?

^ Nice flat bowl...
no trannie

^ Coping is a
little jacked

^ Scott Blum again
w/ a shuvit tailgrab.
Also known as a
caterpillar to
parquet [yeah,
that's right!!!]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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