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editor's note:
Novato Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: 3 thumbs up!

"Hey, here's some info on the new Novato Skatepark we just finished. Not the biggest park ever, but super fun... 14,000 sq ft."

- Zach Wormhoudt: Aug '02
  Wormhoudt Skateparks [831.426.8424]

Super fun is right. It could be deeper, but that's the only change worth considering. Street kids are lovin' it. Trannie heads are rippin' it up. Coping is smoother than ice - almost too fast! And the scene there is perfect - cool fools, mad friendliness, and dedicated skateboarding. Gotta give this one three thumbs up!

"Novato Novato Novato. Dumps are for the birds and Novato is for the bowls. Yes, 6 footers that drain into the roller-bank thing. Everything is super smooth - with beat-up shoes it can actually be hard to push. And the cracks, well, lets just say there might as well be none. Seriously. Anyway...THIS IS A SICK PARK!"

- Honk Emperer: Aug '02

North Bay legends and lore await at nearby Healdsburg, soft-serve Santa Rosa, and the coping-less Petaluma. Windsor just got a park, too [pics coming soon]. Finally, southern Marin's Mill Valley has one of the worst skateparks I've ever scene - don't bother.

Directions: Novato is located off the 101, North of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take the 101 to Novato and exit Bell Marin Keyes heading east. Once you're on the east side of the freeway, make a quick right [south] on Nave - the street that runs along the freeway. You'll continue south for a couple blocks on Nave, then you'll make a left [east again] on Hamilton. Hamilton will bend around to the south, and the park will be on your left [east] side.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The backend of Novato skatepark.
The bowl section looks a bit like
the bowls at Robb Field in San Diego.

^ Kinda got a snakerun feel...

^ SHITEO: Colin
Sharp, proud owner of
Bacon Skateboards,
with a frontside ollie

^ The Honk Emperer
with a nosegrab
[Submission: Honk]

^ SHITEO: Derek
Stevenson with a
360 flip in this
animated clip

missed the take off,
but this clip is
still killer... Bart

^ This bank to box is an
excellent alternative
to the standard funbox
[Photo: Wormhoudt]

^ You do get some crash-ups
in this section as the snake
run dumps skaters into other

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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