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editor's note:
Northridge Skatepark - CLOSED

* Outdoor: Wood / ??? [smooth surface]
* Pay: $10 max for 3 hr sesh
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Rough draft of a smooth ride

Despite the "under-construction" look of our pics, we can assure you that Northridge Skatepark is open for business!

We've been to the Northridge park twice already [2nd batch of pics is on the way!]. Everything is finished now and beginning to make it's mark on the local talent. You can expect everything you see below + a whole lot more. Frank Cremona and Steve McCloud's team of builders has completed all the ramps - nice transition plates in place, coping set, everything blanketed in black makeup like Marilyn Manson's date for the prom.

New features [not in the pics] include tons of additional smaller terrain like rails and added banks, ramps, etc. There's also a new "crow's nest" opposite that gnarly rail w/ a huge vert wall, all designed to increase the flow and rocket your helpless ass into the foam pit - yeah, that's right, they've got a foam pit!

Overall, you've got to love this place. The difficulty level is limitless. The vert is big-time, but the split level set-up is endlessly more creative than your standard 13-ft monster. The mini-ramp alone is worth the price of admission. Going forward, expect new additions [especially for you tech dogs]... Bikes are welcome too, in special sessions. Did we mention that the park is fully lit and sessions go 'til 1 in the morning, 7 days a week?!? Oh yeah...

Travis [one of the owners] and his crew are committed to creating a park where you can kill it, but w/ a sweet neighborhood vibe so you feel like you can hang out. Good job, guys. We're stoked for the locals, you lucky bastards are gonna love this place... Of course we'd like to score some action shots, so please fire when ready.

Directions: Coming from L.A. [for instance], take the 405 north to the San Fernando Valley. Exit Nordoff and head west. Just after Tampa you'll pass the Northridge Mall and make a right [north] on Prairie. Next, make a left [west] on Shirley. The address is 9305 Shirley. For more info, call those guys direct at 818.341.4758

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Northridge Skatepark -
now open for business

^ Ahhhh, I just
*love* a good
mini ramp!

^ Very interesting, 6-
9 ft vert ramp, w/
escalator coping... Bravo! Way to build
a ramp that not only
has some creative lines,
but it also gives you a
chance to work up to vert!

^ Good lord... the
kink at the bottom
is already scheduled
for modification. The
crow's nest/ vert wall
[not pictured] are
in place straight ahead
on the right

^ Wide-angle composition
[scroll right and left
after you click to see
the whole pic...]

^ Yes, they have
kickers as well
as banked boxes

^ This is the view
from above of a
section of the
foam pit... you're
supposed to fly
across the park
and then launch
into this thing!

^ Nice spine...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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