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editor's note:
Sherman Oaks Pool

* Outdoor: 'Crete / "Brick" coping
* Free
* Trannie!
* Rating: A bust waiting to happen

My uncle John told me about this pool in his neighborhood. "Is it skateable?" "I think so..." "I wanna ride that thing."

A Sunday afternoon found us trespassing in an abandoned backyard once again. Sweep sweep sweep. Shit! An old lady peeps her saggy head over the fence. "I should call the cops." "Do what you gotta do, but I'm riding this pool."

I was hoping for twenty minutes. If we could get some rides and some film, my first trespassing ticket might almost be worth it. If we got away clean - this could be a new favorite spot. *If* we got away clean...

This was technically a scouting mission. We thought we'd try it out to see if it was a go before we brought any big-dogs into the fray. Ouuuuu - nice trannie on that one. Over the light opportunities. A couple of loveseats. Coping made of "brick" material? Looked gnarly, but all pool coping looks gnarly to me.

Five runs for me. Five runs for Scooter. Five more runs for me. Scooter's stealing a line and I hear "tawk-tawk-tawk-tawk-tawk." Ghetto bird? Nawwwww... It's not for us - that would be crazy. Tawk-tawk-tawk-tawk-tawk. Is it coming back? Holy shit! - PoePoe sent a f**king helicopter for a couple of skaters!?!

I broke my flash as I tossed my bag over the fence. Turns out I broke my camera, too. I did *not* break any bones, but I did score some bruises as I ate bottom more than once in those 10 runs. She's a good ride, but she's a b-u-s-t, bust, bust, bust.

If you're holding, pls share, and long live the pool session!

Directions: Forgeddabaddit...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ With the rain we got
today [Oct' 01], I bet
this pool is
unridable again - until
the spring!

^ Coping shot
complete with
some stuck-up SPL

^ One of two loveseats.
I think they're makeable...

the best rider in the
west, this fatass licks
the bottom in our first
ever, ani-sequence BAIL!

^ Scooter hangin' in
there... she's deep

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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