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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Sphalt / Wood
* Free [free kick in the ass!]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Ocean-sucks!

Okay, this park really pisses me off! Hey Oceanside "Shitty" Counsel - you screwed the pooch on this one. Since you're obviously a bunch of retarded bureaucrats, I'll go ahead and spell out what you did wrong in the hopes that you'll realize your foolish ways and do the right thing for a change.

The city of Oceanside has done everything they could to make sure no one can ride this park! Here's the deal: To ride the fine Ocean-suck park you have to have a f**kin' waiver on file [ahhhh, this kills me!]. When you fill out your waiver, you get a little ID card that gets you into the park [as long as you have full pads, etc.]. Things go from bad to worse when you figure out that 1.) If you're under 18 you need your mommy to sign off for you and 2.) You can't get the waiver at the park - that would be too easy...

To get the FUBAR waiver, you have to go a few blocks toward the beach to some Parks and Rec building. Sounds shitty, but it gets shittier when you find out the f**kin' place isn't open all the time. You show up on the wrong day/time and no amount of jumping thru hoops will get you into the park. You can practice flip tricks on the sidewalk outside the park, but I bet you $10 American that that will score you a ticket! Now you're a criminal - perfect! Glad to hear you're doing all you can to take care of the kids!!!

Imagine if Mayor Terry Johnson wanted to play some lame-ass tennis after work. He heads down to the local courts only to find out that the city has decided to require a waiver 'cause he could skin his knee or some shit. So he's pissed and goes to get the waiver, but the waiver place isn't open nights/weekends/holidays [which is his favorite time to wack his balls]. Now he's really pissed. Imagine then that he's bouncing his fuzzy globes on the sidewalk and a cop tells him to "go use the courts, ya punk!" He gets a little mouthy about the waiver situation and the next thing you know, he finds himself nose to the dirt as said copper slams the cuffs on him. Right about then, he'd know what it's like to be a skateboarder in his "fair city"...

Here's the way the whole skatepark thing should be done [and *is* done all over the country every day w/ no problems!]: 1.) Build the park 2.) Put up some huge signs that say "Skate at your own risk, dumb-ass!" 3.) Leave the kids alone. See? Simple. All the bullshit laws are unnecessary [California has tons of successful skateparks w/ no need for fences, monitors, laws, tickets, etc.] and the bullshit just further alienates skaters and creates a "criminal" issue when they're just trying to push a piece of wood across some trannie. Damn you people are stupid - thanks for nothing!

Directions: From the south take interstate 5 north to Oceanside and exit at Mission Avenue. Head west on mission and make a right [north] onto Myers Street. The skatepark is on the northeast corner of the Myers St./Pier View Ave. intersection. Pier View Ave. is the first major street intersecting Myers St. after turning off of Mission Avenue. For more info, call the park direct at 760.435.5233.

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^ The park *does* have some
fun looking mini-ramps
that you can look at
from the sidewalk until
you turn 18...

^ Grom street course

^ 3 ft mini

^ 5 ft mini

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