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editor's note:
Vans Triple Crown '00

* Outdoor
* Pro Competition
* Vert / Bowl / Street
* Rating: Mo' kickdowns from Vans!!!

For the second year in a row, we had the pleasure of attending/shooting the Vans Triple Crown event in So-CAL. This was the final stop of the World Cup Skateboarding tour for the year and the action happened in Oceanside, CA, on Oct 05-08 '00.

While this is obviously an event [and not technically a skatepark], we like to show up to events once in a while, check the action, and get up close and personal w/ the pros. Typically, this site is about you, 'cause you know we're down for local hErOEs, but we get as stoked as the rest of you to check out the big names. And just like last year, this event had them all scratching for glory and going big for the dollar-dollar bill, y'all.

If you've never checked one of these events out, we recommend you step up. This is a chance for the sponsors to get their names in front of you, but they really do put on a damn good show. You can sneak up and check out some of the best in the business, as well as legends in the sport like Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, and Jeff Grosso. Thrill of victory, or agony of defeat, these guys go for broke, and sponsors like Vans and Sony Playstation sign their paychecks. They're givin' back to y'all for supporting the industry, so get up and take a look at skate history in the making...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Lincoln Ueda, just
kickin' it

^ Vans Triple Crown '00

^ Skate icon and
Adidas pro - Mr
Lance Mountain

^ Omar Hassan was
pulling double duty,
working it on the
vert and the street

^ Monster "Soul Bowl"

^ Rune Glifberg took
first in vert - here
he is w/ a big t-grab

^ Tyrone Olson beat
the crap out of this
rail - "take that!"

^ Carlos Andrade w/
the ollie to flat
over the ledge

^ "And here's
another one for
you - biaotch!!!"

^ Birdhouse's Santos
w/ a fat t-slide...

^ Chet Thomas
stuck about 20 of
these slippery kick-
flip to t-slides

^ Vancouver's Rick
McCrank ended up
taking second

^ Brad Staba w/
a nasty "Hawaii

^ Santa Rosa's Tony
Trujillo stuck
this lipslide while
chewing on what
we think was a match
stick - "git it, Tony!!!"

^ First place goes to Philly's Kerry Getz
[you know this guy
hit on my girl at
a contest once...
ya, no kidding]

^ Geoff Rowley,
second place finisher
and all around good
guy, kicks down the
autographs to the

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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