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editor's note:
Vans Ontario

* Indi / Outi: 'Crete / Masonite / Dirt
* Pay: $14 / 2 hour seesion
* Vert / Trannie / Street / Dirt
* Rating: Vans Ontario - The saga continues...

Vans Ontario is an excellent skatepark - honestly, one of the most fun parks we've ever been too. They took what they were doing right at Vans Block in Orange, CA, and gave themselves more space to make it all work. The place is huge and has something for everyone. If you like Vans Ontario, check out Bakersfield, CA, and Milpitas, CA...

Standout features abound at the Ontario park. They've got the classic big vert ramp. They've got nice mid-range vert/trannie, including a kid-sized pool [not pictured], a 4-8 ft. figure-8 pool w/ OG pool coping [nice!], an awesome snake run/pool [Skater's Island?], and a gentle 4' mini. They have indoor/outdoor street course for inline/skaters. They even kick down to the bikers w/ a full-time bmx-only indoor street section, a nice 7' wooden bowl [a la the original SkateStreet], and a dirt jump/bmx course outside.

One gripe for Vans - and this goes for almost all the Vans parks... The little kids are more than a little out of control. Vans has done so much to give skating some mainstream recognition [which is good!], but they've attracted a lot of first-timers and dropped them into world-class skate spots. These kids rarely have any sense of skatepark etiquette, which is dangerous. Our pal Scott Sizemore racked up 8 stitches in the snake run when a little kid dropped in on him, wiped out, and shot the board into his shin - ouch! I think Vans could do more to not only police the course [which they do], but to educate these kids to take turns, go one at a time, keep their eyes open, etc.

Finally, we'd like to appologise for the limited shots of this park. Our lab destroyed over half our pics, so we're unable to show you some of the kids we shot, and the rest of the course... sorry. We'll shoot some more soon and update, but until then, send in your pics!

Directions: Vans is located in the Ontario Mills mega-mall. Take the 10 freeway to Ontario to the 15 freeway north. Once you're going north on the 15, you'll exit 4th street [this happens almost immediately once you're on the 15]. Take 4th st west and you can't miss the mall - it's huge! Circle the mall until you see the Vans signage and go have a good time! If you want more info on times, schedules, etc., give them a call at 909-476-5914.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This is about 20% of the park...

^ "Hey you kids - beat it!... get out
of the snake run!!! Skateparks are
for skating. They're not called

^ Paul w/ an air
to grind on the st

^ Great Fig-8 pool!,
so fun! If you're into
pools, check out the
"Fruit of the Vine" video
it's excellent...

^ If you look close
you might notice our
friend Paul mid-flip! [Hey Paul, what's your
last name?]

^ This part of the st course
is bike only, including a sick
wooden bowl - about 7' deep.
There's more bike stuff outside

^ More street stuff...

^ submit!

^ Good job giving the
lil' ones a place to
warm up... good idea!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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