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editor's note:
Vans "Block" in Orange
* Indoor/Outdoor: 'Crete and Masonite
* Pay: $14 per 2 hr session
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Fresh like sushi

Located in "The Block" [a huge mall] in Orange County, this place is huge, and has something for every one. In fact, Vans recently remodeled the park [sometime in '00], and now, childrens, it's better than ever.

Many of the original features are untouched, including the "kiddy area", the Upland Pool replica [see below, that pool is hairball!], the Combi-pool [fun!], the vert ramp, and the outdoor section. New features include a remodeled street course [this is the smallest street course of all the Vans parks - beware of head-on collisions!!!] and new "mid-sized" ramps including a little 2 ft mini and a 6-7 ft half pipe. Everything skates like butter...

While California is commonly known as *the* "skate mecca," it doesn't always have the best skateparks [been to Newburg, OR?]. However, So-CAL does have an incredible collection of skaters and the Vans park in Orange is within striking range for many of them. When we dropped in last [the night most of these pics were shot], we saw both Adil Dyani and Brian Sumner within minutes of each other. That was kinda cool... okay, we were briefly star struck, but we got over it.

We didn't get any pics of the grown up pros, but we did shoot some "shorter" rippers as they tore the place apart - see below. We hope these new photos are more inspiring than our last batch [what did we have, like 4 pics total???]. The park is just sittin' there waiting for you, so go rip it up! And if you feel like traveling, check out our coverage of the some of the other fine Vans parks:
Bakersfield, CA, Milpitas, CA, and Ontario, CA, await your perusal. Have fun.

Directions: Vans is located in "The Block" at One City Blvd. in West Orange. From the 5 freeway, get yourself to the City of Orange, take the 22 west and exit City Dr and head north. You should see the Block almost immediately - it's huge. Circle the mall until you see the park. Then all you have to do is whip out your wallet and go hurt yourself!!! For more info, call the park direct at 714.769.3800.
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Collin Provist,
board slide

^ Bank / quarters,
one wall of the
street course

^ overview

^ Laural Perkins
w/ the kickflip

^ Mr Povost w/
the street course
in the background

^ Miss Perkins is
sponsored by every
-one, including Vans.

^ Nose slide on
the fun box

^ Tony Allison,
kickflip up a
step and over
a gap

^ Kiddy section -
"Go Groms!"

^ Part of the
recent remodel,
a sick mini /
6 ft set up

^ Ryan Cottrell,
smith grind

^ Slippery, and
seriously funky,
the combi-bowl is
an excellent ride

^ This *insane* bowl
is reportedly a
replica of the
now extinct "Upland

^ Bam! - Melon grab...

^ Big channel, big

^ This is what the street
course *USED* to look
like - just to be clear,
it *DOES NOT* look like
this anymore [just for
historic preservation of
our scene]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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