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editor's note:
The Pit

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: "Search and Destroy"

"While the city of Oxnard has yet to build their park, that doesn't mean there's a lack of transition in this city. Skater's Pit is a drainage ditch with a few special features that set it apart."

"There's a mellow hip leading into the ditch, some concrete slapped onto a part of the wall for a rough wallride, a small gap at one end, and a bowled corner [at the other end] that goes up the height of the banks."

"Also, there's been many temporary features such as parking blocks, rails, cabinets, and old TVs - used as ledges at the top of the banks."

- Todd Griffiths: Dec '01

Directions: "The point of this spot isn't so that you'll come and skate it... This little review is meant to inspire you to go out there and find your own spots. If you think there are only a few skateable ditches out there, you're out of your mind! Get out there and find them. Search and destroy, skate and enjoy."

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^ Looking across Skater's Pit.
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Todd coming back in off a nose picker
[Photo: Griffiths' buddy]

^ That rock [in the sun on the left]
is the same rock that Todd 'picked...
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ See that little ramp of concrete
heading up that wall? That's your
do-it-yourself wallride...
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Oxnard contemporary art.
[Photo: Griffiths]

^ Wide shot.
[Photo: Griffiths]

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