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editor's note:
Paso Robles Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Fun off the 101

As you crawl up and down the coast of CA, between LA and SF, Paso Robles is one of many towns you pass thru that have proud little skateparks...

The park at Paso Robles is laid out a little funny - a lot of the guys complained about not being about to hit certain rails - and the walls were a little lumpy, but it's not a bad park.

We got to give it up to the locals at this spot. Despite the 90 degree heat, they killed this park! Big ups to Daniel "the Ruler" Cardinale, Mitch MacArthur, Ed Kolp and Vince Smith.

For a look at some other parks off the 101, check out nearby Templeton and Grover Beach. To the south, Lompoc has a public park and an indoor pay park. Heading north, I hear King City has a park, and Salinas has a nice park too...

Directions: Paso Robles is about 15 miles north of San Luis Obispo. Take Highway 101 north to the Paso Robles Street exit. Make a left onto 13th Street and go across the freeway. Then Make a right onto Riverside Avenue, and another right on 19th Street. The skatepark is on the left in Pioneer Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This overview shot of Paso Robles
is a little washed out... that's a
snake run with a spine in the

^ The spine is

^ SHITEO: Animated
evidence of Vince Smith
rockin' this frontside

^ You got your Hubba
ledge and a u-bowl
in the background

^ The stair set was
a popular feature.
This park also has
a triple-kinked round
rail in another part
of the park...

^ I ran into Ed Kolp
at the Santa Barbara
park the other day...
Here he is working a
feeble on an awkward
rail at Paso.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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