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The Board Asylum:

130 American Aly
Petaluma, CA


editor's note:

* Outdoor: concrete
* Free park
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Bay Area Booyah!

Petaluma skatepark - also known as Petaltown - is an important chapter in the story of Bay Area skateparks.

This park was born in the summer of '96, built by the Wormhoudt crew [831.426.8424]. We first rode this park about a week after it opened up. It's worth mentioning that this is about the hottest skatepark we've ever ridden. The week it opened up, like the day these pics were taken, it was about 100 degrees. No breeze. Not to go on and on about this, but the there's no shade for about 500 yards in any direction and the heat comes off the parking lots that surround the park like radiation off a nuclear power plant. That's cruel ass weather to be riding in, but it is actually still worth it.

While the park is well designed overall, some of the lines aren't always perfect, there's no coping, and the transition can be a little too jarring in some places. There are a gang of cool features, however, like great hits, 3 different rails, a big fun box, and two bowls. Definitely an interesting spot. If you can make time, spend a day and hit up both Petaluma and Santa Rosa back-to-back. It's a NorCAL tradition...

For more Bay Area fun, there are parks in just about every direction. To the north in Marin, you've got Rosa and Healdsburg. To the east, you've got a series of options including Grand Prix in Sac, the mighty Ripon, Livermore, and local favorite Alameda. Heading south you can find rides in SF at Crocker, in Palo Alto at Greer, and finally, corporate rides at Vans...

Directions: This park is easy to get to [we once took a bus and made it there no problem]. Take the 101 to Petaluma [about 30 min north of SF and the Golden Gate]. As you enter Petaluma, prepare to exit E. Washington heading west. The park is located in the "Kenilworth Park and Fairgrounds", at approx. 837 E. Washington. It's toward the street, behind a pool, in a huge parking lot. Have fun!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome to Petaltown!

^ Local head, Mr
Ryan Hopper, w/
a floater off the
"BS" hit [Submission:

^ SHITEO: James
Black with hand-
plant skills

^Commercial artwork
from Hellhouse Clothing

^ SHITEO: Nick
Otani - 5050 across
the bar

^ Local gomer and
the big rail

^ The 6 ft bowl sits
mid course - a hit
on one side, the volcano
on the other

^ This is the only
pic we have of the
funbox - on the right

^ Wow... bigtime style points
on this one [Rider: Jerry M.]

^ Here's a great view from the top
of the big rail - the little bowl
is off to the right

^ SHITEO: James
Otani coughin' up
this early grab

^ "Taken about 2 years ago,
but my old ass can still hang
[for a few hours, anyway]"
[Rider/Comments: Jerry M.]

^ A close up of the
volcano's lip

^ This 10 ft rail provides
a hairball opportunity
to slide/grind your
way from one bank to the

^ The back half
of the park has
the 3 ft bowl, the
stairs, and the big

^ As you can probably tell,
Petaluma is a graffiti
intensive skate scene

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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