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Mainland Skate and Surf:

3401 Dale Rd
Modesto, CA


editor's note:
Ripon Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Infected by Oregon

Although Cali has hosted the *most* parks per state in the US for a long time, we can now grab some sack and brag about one of gnarliest parks in America - prepare your bones for Ripon skatepark. Straight up big country concrete... a million concussions, just waiting to happen. A time capsule of pain and glory, unfolding in a little town just west of Modesto... unbelievable!

A few rumorous factuals for you: Our buddy Gdmueller tells us that the park opened on Feb24, 2001. 25,000 sq ft of pure trannie, with a street course and a pool slated for construction. Over $250k in costs [some sources say $400k], and Team Pain [407.366.9221] has been credited w/ design and construction... [it does look a bit like their recent effort out in North Point, FL].

Planning a road trip... definitely check it out. Other nearby parks include Livermore, Dublin and Alameda to the west. To the east you've got Modesto. Up north in Sacramento, check the trannie at Grand Prix...

Directions: From San Francisco take Highway 880 south to Highway 580 south. Take the 580 to Highway 205 east, and get on the interstate 5 north. Take the 5 to Highway 120 east, and take the 120 to Highway 99 south. Exit at Stockton Avenue and head south. Make a right [west] on Main Street, and take another right on Wilma Avenue. The skate park is on the left.
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Curt Pernice skatepark
in Ripon California

^ Ryan Abruzzini
from Modesto showin'
0.0 fear w/ a ballsy
fs air over the channel

^ As you get off
the freeway, these
signs will indicate
you're almost to the

^ Ryan again w/ a
nice indi grab
floater off a hit

^ SHITEO: Toothless
villian Jay Wreck
uncorks an air to
tail in this ani-clip

^ At 70 lbs per
bag of 'crete, how
much do you think this
park weighs???

^ Spinage and
flowable linage

^ That little curb
is the closest thing
to a tech feature in
the park...

^ I didn't get this
young lady's name,
but I did see her out
on the course at
SLAM this year ['01]

^ I believe it was the
great James Brown that
said, "Don't terrorize.
Organize." Big ups to
wildman Jay Wreck and his
infamous crew...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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