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editor's note:
Youth Community Park
* Outdoor: concrete
* Free park
* Pools + Street
* Rating: Diggity Dope

We love this park. To be honest, everyone does. There aren't too many parks like this one. Pool-style features, round edges, no vert, no coping, just sweet rockin' lines and if you pump the walls right, you never have to push.

This is actually the first skatepark Jamon ever rode. In fact, not too long ago, Jamon was skating another Bay-area park. He was talking about this kid who used to skate Rosa back in '96/'97 - little guy [back then], punk-ass style, good attitude, and serious skills. He once saw this kid crank thru the hits, launch out of the snake run, pop an easy 6 ft high kickflip over the curved slider, stick the trick, and ride away grinnin'. "Sounds like Tony Trujillo." That was Tony Trujillo?!?

Turns out that Tony is from Santa Rosa and does ride the park a lot. In the off chance that that was Tony - big props from all of us at SK8parkLIST. It's great to watch you skate!

For a recent pic of Tony rockin' pink wheels at the Vans Triple Crown '00 in Oceanside, click here!

Directions: Santa Rosa is located off the 101 freeway, about 45 minutes north of San Francisco. To get there take the 101 toward Santa Rosa. Exit onto "highway" 12, going west. After a few miles you'll exit onto Fulton and turn right/west - this is at a signal. Take Fulton for a few more miles, over Hall and Guerneville until you come to Youth Community Park on your left. The park is right across from Piner High School on Fulton.

...scroll down for pics

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^ this is the sign from the road

^ 6ft bowl

^ bent concrete

^ *big* air
this guy may
have been
sponsored by
Etnies [?]

^ fun box

^ Rosa locals

^ little grab

^ wide view of the bumps

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