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editor's note:
Grand Prix

EXTINCT: As of Jan '03, this park no longer exists...

"Yes, it's gone. I called them about it and they said they couldn't afford it. The park is closed forever - need to take it off the list."

- Paul Sandell: Jan '03

Sacramento has had a bunch of skateparks in its history - we know, we've seen them in videos. However, trying to find a park in that town last summer [Sep '00] was pretty difficult. The one on "R" street is gone... don't bother looking for it, we already did and it's MIA. However, on a recent trip up north, SK8parkLIST *did* run into a sweet park you should definitely take a look at - Sacto's own Grand Prix.

Located just north of Downtown Sac in Natomas, the park had an interesting history even before it was built. It used to be - uhhh, still is - a driving range. As in "golf." The owners, Kevin Ruck and Jennifer Salisbury, moved up north from Orange County and took over management of a family-run driving range. Longtime board rider Kevin used to ride for Santa Cruz, so this turned out to be an ideal opportunity to get their own park off the ground. These days the park has had a nice showing of media support, including ad coverage from Nirve and Think.

Having ridden/shot a gang of parks ourselves, we've never seen a park quite like this one. There are two very distinct features at Grand Prix: 1.) It's primarily a vert park. From the 14 ft monster complete w/ big channels, to the over-vert section, to a 6 ft mini, it's a training course for the vertically inspired. Designed w/ options for various skill levels, we predict the park will produce a fat posse of killer local vert guys - so look out! 2.) The other weird thing about it, skateboards only. Wow. This is one of just a few parks in the US that is "boards only".

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ There's a lot of ramp to conquer
at Grand Prix Skatepark
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ Indy grab at
sunset... check that
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ Skateboarders only -
so beat it!

^ There are
to transfer from
ramp to ramp - but
if you miss you'll
catch more splinters
in your lip than a
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ More vert than you
can shake a stick at
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ Kevin Ruck rockin'
an old scho' model
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ Unknown grom butter-
ing up a boardslide
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ Miles of style with
this melon grab
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

^ Witness the street
course construction -
it's done now!
[Photo: Jon Yunker]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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