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editor's note:
Natividad Creek

* Outdoor
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Putting the "aggro" back in agricultural

Salinas is an agricultural town off the 101 freeway between Santa Barbara and San Francisco. We shot these pics in Sep'99, but the park wasn't even open at that point. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves, because we barely remember anything about this place. It looks great though.

It's a classic "flow" park. As you can see in the pics, it's got easy 2 ft roll-in sides [no coping] around the parameter of a "ground floor" level - very similar to the roll-ins at Camarillo [CA] and Petaluma [also Cali]. The park comes complete w/ various qtrs, a sweet nipple, and tech stuff in and out of the ground floor. One item we do remember [but failed to get a good shot of] was a section of 'crete that pokes out into the sunken section with a fatty rail that sticks up and runs from one side to the other. We'd be stoked to see what the locals are using it for, but it looked like it was designed to give you a nice rolling pop to slide/grind and a smooth trannie back to ground level - very original feature. This park looks well built and styli. Pls send in the footy so we can see it in action.

Directions: The directions we have are from the 101 at the Laurel exit [we think there's an exit there]. Take Laurel east for a couple of miles until you reach Constitution Blvd - should be right after the Natividad Medical Center. Make a left on Constitution, you'll pass Independence Blvd on your way to the intersection of Las Casitas and Constitution. There's a parking lot there for Natividad Park and the skatepark is down the hill in the "gully" - it's actually a nice park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Arial view as you're
walking down the hill to
the park - this is a big
park by California standards

^ This shot is taken
from the top of the
stairs/rail section
looking down the side
of the park

^ The construction on
everything looks good

^ Nice fun box w/
a kicker trannie

^ Nipple shot

^ Yet another rail,
one of at least three
in the park

^ The "ground level"
from another angle

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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