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editor's note:
Skater's Point

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: It's about time!

According to our buddy Billy Goodnick, Skater's Point opened for bone-breaking on August 26, 2000. The much awaited grand opening was a real big deal for local rippers with a big media turn-out, a sweet pro demo, and a gang of oh-so-stoked rubber neckers that showed up just to check it out. Mark Whitaker sent in a photo of the madness [see below] for your viewing pleasure.

The park is hellza solid - which is sweet on it's own - but it received extra attention because it took so much work to get it built. According to an article in "Under the Sun" [a little SB visitor's guide], the park is "probably one of the most expensive of it's size..." They cite production costs at $831k - ouch! The price was bumped up as various conservative elements of the SB community put skatepark fans through the ringer w/ delays and protests at almost every step of the way. We hear we owe big props to our friend Billy, as well as some unnamed local skaters, Purkiss Rose, Mike Taylor at SkateOne [the 805's Powell, Bones, etc], and some also unnamed skaters from Shorties [another fine 805 skate co.] who banned together to plan, replan, and just generally brainstorm on this park. Good job!

Skater's Point [which isn't a point at all - it should be called Skater's Bay] is truly well-rounded and constructed. We're sometimes tempted to label the park a "tech" zone, based on the abundance of rails, ledges, and bank-formed fun boxes... But every time we ride here [this is one of our local parks] we look at the big bowl w/ that sweet hip, glance over at the Taco, and say, "There's something here for everybody!" Oh yeah, don't forget - the pads required rule is enforced by park monitors [they're cool guys, actually], so plan ahead.

We should pause briefly to say "thanks" for Skate Sepuedes [pics coming soon!] - the temp park the city set up until this park opened. There were some killer sessions at that place, especially on that greasy little mini ramp. Damn that ramp was fun. Thanks, again.

Directions: Jump on the 101 and head to Santa Barbara. Exit Garden St [between Carrillo and Milpas] and head south toward the water. Garden crosses Cabrillo and dead-ends into a parking lot that's adjacent to the park. If you can see the pier, you're close!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Ladies and gentlemen -
Skater's Point
[cool sign, huh!]

^ Tweaky flight
over the twinkie

^ Butter-smooth
air to fakie

^ Ahhhh, man...
Monster pop off
the pyramid

^ Local ripper "Roach"
w/ a park flyover...

^ Santa Ynez loc
- Glenn Detmar -
skates here all
the time and rips
the place apart
all hessian style
"Eahhhhhgh, git it!!!"

^ Funky air off
the little hip
at the end of the
bowl/pipe section

^ Dick Strong
breaking off the
bs smith with
another "boring"
mid-Dec sunset in
the background

^ Kenny Catlin FS slash -
thanks for the submission,

^ Skills and submission
by Adam Ziets - 5050 on
the taco thing

^ Nice little kicker

^ Sid Porrazzo w/
a fs 5-oh in the
bowl [photo: Steki]

^ Dovignon Granaroli crushing
the double-kink board slide.
Just another Saturday session
in the 805...

^ Flowy hip

^ 50-50 at the
parks entrance

^ Nollie to tail-
slide. Check out the
little fun box in
the background

^ Future home of
the taco and the
rounded hip

^ Back wall in it's
embryonic stage

^ The guy in red is
standing on the
guts of the little
fun box

^ Taco, satellite
dish, whatever...
good for flyouts
50-50s, you name it,
it's fun!

^ "Grand slam" pyramid

^ Plenty of this
kind of stuff
all over the park

^ Photo of Mike
Perco - shot on
opening day courtesy
of Mark Whitaker
[thanks again]

^ Don't forget
your pads!

^ There is always
a big crowd
hanging around to
watch you stack...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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