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editor's note:

EXTINCT: As of Aug '00, this park no longer exists...

We write this review in the Fall of 2002, over two years after the Skatesipuedes skatepark in Santa Barbara was closed up. We can think of three good reasons to publish a dead park, 1.] A tribute to all the fun at this once-local skatepark, 2.] To let out-of-towners know that this thing is gone, and 3.] To send a warning about wood parks out to the skatepark community.

Skatesipuedes was located on a "dead" section of street [no auto traffic] between Ortega park and SB Jr High, near a street called Salsipuedes - which is Spanish for "get out if you can." Skatesipuedes, then, would be "skate if you can" [or something like that]. In anycase, despite a rough asphalt surface and the beat-up quality of the ramps, SB skaters loved this place and still talk about it all the time.

The park was meant to be temporary, filling the gap while the concrete park in Santa Barbara was locked up in red tape until the summer of 2000. It's still a bummer they tore it out, especially the miniramp - that was a fun ride. They used to pay pad nannies to make you wear your pads [which is totally unnecessary], and that cost probably helped lead to the park closure.

In terms of greater skatepark trends, wood parks seem to lead to park closures. Another local park in Carp - also wood - was torn out after the ramps started breaking up. If you want your park to be there two years later, don't let the city put in wood/metal ramps.

If the ramps can be broken up, or taken down, they probably will be. A city that turns to wood [or synthetic wood], isn't thinking about a permanent solution. If we had to make a prediction, we'd say that's what will happen with all the shitty wood parks going up in places like Anaheim, Burbank, and S. Pasadena in CA and other states. Not only are these parks typically less fun and creative than concrete solutions, but they show no commitment to the future and will certainly make the "dead list" sooner or later.

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^ The jewel in the crown of the
Salipuedes skatepark.

^ Big frontsider

^ 1st design of the
street course...

^ Shawn Brown from
2000 in this flipper

^ This fun box was part of the
second design of the street

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