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editor's note:
Ben Lomond Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Made in the Shade

Just a short drive from Santa Cruz, the Ben Lomond skatepark is definitely the best in the area.

To be honest, the word on the street is that this place isn't that great. Good, but not great. The "street" area is a little tight, hard to generate speed for some lines. The bowl is a good time, though. It's shady and cool in the summer - skating in the shade kicks ass - but in the spring, it's mossy and slimy because the sun doesn't have a chance to dry up the moisture. In our view, it's a great day trip... just don't go in the winter or spring!

For other Santa Cruz options, check out the little ashtray in Live Oaks, the Ramptech junker downtown, by the pier. And, or course, there's always Derby-dog for that ancient skatepark vibe.

Directions: Ben Lomond is north of Santa Cruz. To get there, take highway 17, from the 101, south toward Santa Cruz. Exit to Mt Herman heading west. When it dead-ends into Graham Hill Rd, make a right [west, again], and continue for a short distance until you come to highway 9. Make a right [north] on 9, and continue to Highland park [it'll be on your right/east].

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The bowl is the pride and
joy of the Ben Lomond
skatepark, near Santa Cruz.

^ SHITEO: Punker
Dan Robinson with a smooth
transfer out of the bowl,
and onto the street section...

^ From this angle, you can
hit those fun boxes hard
and fast... but from the
"gate" side, it's hard to
find the speed.

^ Skater memorial art

^ Whatever your stance on war is,
you should know this: As the Federal
and State governments become strapped for
cash - after spending BILLIONS to bomb
and rebuilt foreign countries - "social
services" are cut from the budget. That
DEFINITELY means less money for "skateparks"...

^ Cross-park shot

^ This is a separate little
area, with tiny "curb-like"
features... not that successful,
if you ask me.

^ We'll call it Ben Lomond...
you call it what ever you want

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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