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601 Beach St
Santa Cruz, CA


editor's note:
Derby Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Street
* Rating: All bark and no bite

Going back to 1996, Bay Area park billies used to talk about Derby Skatepark in the same conversations as Rosa, Greer, Petaltown, etc. However, upon inspection, Derby is like that girl that "just wants to be friends." You're left wondering, "Ain't you gon' show me the love, baby???"

We're sure that many a ripper has seshed this spot. For instance, just this year ['00] Vans shot an ad w/ Alan Petersen [=skate god!] flying out of the "bowl" like he was shot out of a cannon. Well, the truth is, he just rips [check out 411's "Australian Vacation" video, da shit!]. But Derby park, well, check out the pics and decide for yourself.

"Derby Rips [!]... once you get used to it. Considering it was built in 1967 by my dad and a few other local surfers - using just their hand troughs and shovels! This is one of the first skateparks, and one of the last remaining original skateparks in the world. A testimony to skateboarding's long and sometimes troubled history."

- Chris Bailey: May '03

Directions: If you feel compelled to check it out, we think our directions are pretty solid... Find your way to Highway 1 in Santa Cruz - also known as Mission. Head East outta town on Mission, go about 1 mile past Bay Dr., and make a left on Swift. A few blocks down on the right is "Natural Bridges" School. Derby Park is right behind the school.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Derby park is beauty,
but really not that fun
to ride...

^ There you have it

^ 411

^ Bowl = 10% fun +
90% birdbath

^ Surface detail
shot from the

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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