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editor's note:
Santa Cruz Skatepark

* Outdoor: Wood / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Banana Sluggers

About 1 hour south of San Francisco, Santa Cruz is the home of at least 3 skateparks... including this one, which is "across from the wharf at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk."

"Super small park. No bowl, just 3 rails, 6 ft mini, 2 ft mini, and a pyramid. No fees, no restrictions. Don't recommend checking it out, but it's ok for little riders..."

- Phil Vieira: Mar '02

It's a typical Ramptech setup... a little better than the metal McRamps in CO, or the concrete puke-jobs in New England.

"The 'Fun Spot' was a lot of fun... The park is in a parking lot - right in front of the pier. It's free. No food, no water and no shitter. Pads are required, but not enforced at all."

- Martin Dole: Apr '02

For the other parks in Santa Cruz - check out the birdbath at Derby, and a dinky concrete ashtray at 'Live Oaks'... no pics yet on that one, but it looks a lot like West Park or Hobart in Ventura CA.

Directions: Catch the 17 heading into Santa Cruz. When you hit highway 101, head west [or "north"] and exit River St. Take River street south toward the beach, and after you cross Water St, stay to your right on River. River will dump you into Front St, which will become Pacific, etc. until you hit the beach. Just before you get to the pier, the skatepark will be on your right.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Panoramic view of Santa Cruz
skatepark [Photo: Klima]

^ The miniramp is too small,
but it was still kinda fun.

^ Jason Klima with
some airtime
[Photo: Klima]

^ There was a sick session
going down on this ramp
the day we skated there,
including some guy on a
longboard that was killin'
it - you know who you are!

^ Overview of the park
shot from up on the hill
[Photo: Martin Dole]

^ This line was supposed to
be set up between some banks
- theoretically, so you don't
have to push so much. But
thanks to the "miracle" of
asphalt, you're pushing a lot
in this park.

^ The asphalt isn't the only
problem here, they also put
the ramps too far apart from
each other. All that blacktop
rattles your nuts off... just
because you have a lot of space,
doesn't mean you have to use it.

^ Yeah, this place is
technically called "Fun
Zone" - cutsie names just
make me embarrassed to go
into a park like this.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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