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editor's note:
Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark

EXTINCT: As of Jun'02, this park no longer exists...

"Hey. I went by the park yesterday and it is being dismantled."

- Jane Leeds: Jun '02

Nestled alongside the freeway in San Diego's Mission Valley, just a few miles from Qualcomm Park [previously known as Jack Murphy Stadium], is the Mission Valley YMCA skatepark. If you've ever peeled back the cover of a skate magazine, you've seen this place... it's probably safe to say that Mission Valley has the most commonly photographed vert ramp in history. While that ramp is pretty burly, there's a lot more to this park than its vertical elements.

"Mission Valley YMCA skatepark is the best in San Diego. It has a killer 13 ft vert ramp and a couple of mini ramps, a good street course with rails, quarter pipes, banks, ledges, roll-ins and pyramids."

- German Virgen: Feb '02

San Diego *IS* southern California and features tons of other great parks. First off, you've got the OTHER famous YMCA at Encinitas. Closer to Mission Valley you've got public parks at Santee, Robb Field, and Coronado. There's also a fun park downtown called Skate Heaven [review coming soon on that one].

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ At 50,000 sq ft, the
Mission Valley YMCA skatepark
offers a lot to conquer

^ Shoddy panoramic of
asphalt flow-flow

^ "Westly Stanton - he's only 10.
I think he puts a lot of heart
into it." [Submitted by John Parker]

^ Here's a shot
we took of Wesley
going all vegetarian
with this melon
grab! That's the
smaller street course
in the background...

^ Gil Herbert
slashin' thru
a feeble rail

^ Local hero, Miss
Annie Sullivan,
in this shot. Catch
this trick in action
below. [Submitted
by A. Sullivan]

^ As of Dec '1, this street
section looked like a new

^ We call these little features
"mini-lands." This one was out of
order, but you can ride set-ups like
these the Ollie House and at
the Encinitas YMCA. These are
seriously fun flowables. By the way,
this particular ramp is on the box of
video game THPS2.

^ A big vert ramp
needs a big roll-in...

^ Jeff Todd hangs
onto this nose grab
on a Sunday afternoon

^ Ready to drop in?
Come on! It's only
13 ft... what are you
afraid of?

^ SHITEO: Frontside
boardslide demo
by Gil Herbert

^ Style points have
been awarded to
Brian Flick for this
gracious donation
of vertical airtime.

^ SHITEO: Miss
Sullivan again with
an illustration of
a melon grab flyout

^ Back to the main street
course for these ramps

^ Good sized mini
ramp w/ a spine and
a big hit...

^ And then there's always
that standard, no frills,
mini-ramp... this place has
it all!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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