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editor's note:
Robb Field [aka Ocean Beach]

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* $5 [thanks to Sgt Walters!]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Run for the border!

Oh-ho-ho... eeeeeeuwwee! Da-hah-ham!!! The verdict is in on Robb Field in Ocean Beach and the judges have a unanimous decision - rock rock!

Ever heard of Chandler, AZ? How about Los Alto in New Mexico? Well you don't have to travel out there for a little taste of their scene. Robb Field, like the previously mentioned killing grounds, are uber-parks designed by the Site Design Group [SDG - 480.894.6797]. Flinging open the gates for the grand opening on February 19, 2000, when SDG builds a park, they know how to really stoke you out. 41,000 sq ft of totally unbelievable. See the pics for the nitty gritty.

The pics below are brought to you from us SPL dirtbags [of course], with a little help from our pool ridin' buddy Catalino [aka "Pabo"]. He kicked down a bunch of the pics below... great shots of himself and his various cronies [cronie #1 and cronie #2]. To top it off, even his little cousin Mickey kicked one down. We like that stuff. Thanks to all of you!

We have a couple of quick "warnings" for you... First off: Waivers! Robb Field [and just about all of SD County] has f**kin' ridiculous waiver rituals. The fact that we don't need waivers anywhere else in Cali seems to have escaped the SD regulators. If you're under 18 and you don't have your Mommy handy, you're screwed. Stupid, stupid, stupid. What a burner. Sorry guys - I guess you'll have to keep wrecking the school yards for a while until they figure this one out. DAMMIT! Other than that, you may or may not have to pay [we didn't have to...]? There's also some kind of "over-crowding" system involving flag signals that may be a good thing - who knows? Lastly, I think they may have security hanging out there all night??? Apparently no one's figured out that 1.) A couple of big signs will clear a city of liability and 2.) you can't steal a concrete park.

One last comment - no more whining, I swear. After your session, you've GOT to stop by Tommy's Tex-Mex on your way out of the park. It's on your right at 2296 Bacon as you leave the park. Ahhh man, the food. Lord, the FOOD! Freshly made flour tortillas and carne asada that's so good it cures cancer! All from an Italian Texan named Tommy?!? Totally cool guys at that shop. Eat up and tell 'em SK8parkLIST send you!!!

Directions: From L.A. take the 5 freeway south to San Diego, exit Route 8 and travel west. The 8 will merge into Sunset Cliffs Blvd. [you can see the park from there] after you cross over the San Diego River. Make a right on W. Point Loma Blvd, and then make another right on Bacon Street. The Skatepark is at the end of the Street.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome, grommits, to
Robb Field

^ Pabo's buddy -
Jeremy, maybe???

^ Big disco air
from a sweet, lo-tech
session on a Saturday
[Nick Coleman?]

^ One of two shots
of this guy strokin'
burly transfers over
a couple tons of 'crete!!!

^ It took about half
a roll of film, but
we finally got enough
shots to put together
this panorama... 41,000
sq ft = big country skatepark!!!
[after you click, scroll
right/left to see the whole

^ I wish I had this
guy's name [my fault,
I know]... this just
says it all right here

^ Technicals, rails,
hips... it's a
"jackpot" of a ride

^ Perfect 6-sided,
grindable volcano,
also hooks up the
"half pipe" connection
w/ the surrounding

^ That's a lot of
street course

^ Ledges and stairs
like the Piss Drunx
got hangovers...

^ Goofy footed
[Submitted by

^ Young Mickey
doing the drop
[thanks for the
submission, bro!]

^ This shot of
Catalino's has a
bit more on it
than the one we

^ They couldn't decide on
smoke signals, carrier
pigeons or this mess...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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