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editor's note:
Skateboard Heaven

PARK IS CLOSED: We heard the rent went up and the skatepark went out. Bummer. That place was weird and fun - just like skating. Maxor suxor...

Deep down in the dank nether regions of San Diego's downtown, like a smoldering cigarette butt amidst the junkies and bedrunken bums, lies a howling devil of a skatepark called Skateboard Heaven.

Skateboard Heaven doesn't give a rank rat's soggy ass if you've been naughty or nice or neglectful... For a small price, you can ascend into "Heaven," to climb the walls until you're tired as hell. Making the most of the limited square footage, this park melds together fiery lines - forging an unholy union of street features, a spiny mini-ramp, and a corrupt collection of wall rides and concrete coping.

'Tis true, local demons DO haunt this spot, praying for wicked figure-8 lines in ghostly uncrowded sessions. When the angry hordes show up, possessed congregations of sinners slavishly lavish praise at the fun box and the rails. Writhing in pain, the faithful donate sacrificial slabs of human flesh to the burning appetites of the vengeful skate gods. Because, as you know, blood brings rare relief to their proud panic of pain.

Pilgrims be warned, leave all false idols behind... only those with untainted hearts and unmarred souls will be saved, here, at Skateboard Heaven!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Sell yourself to the
local king of skateparks,
Skateboard Heaven!!!

^ SHITEO: Witness
CJ Fierro in this
animated blunt

^ Here's the sign you
see from 12th St

Willis terrorizes
the hip

^ We doctored this one
up a little... the super white
section in the background is
where the hip is at.

^ Sam Willis steals
another frontside slider

^ There's that hipper -
connecting the miniramp
and the monster wall rides.

^ Flow prevails, aidded
in part by the quarter
and bank ramp in the
back ground.

^ Vertical as it gets...

^ This park does
have a shop... if
you're lucky, you
might run into Led,
a local rocker from
the band "WATCH IT BURN!"

^ Wall ride #2 -
check that pool

^ Flat bar on the fun box -
spine and roller are part of
the miniramp

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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