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editor's note:
Crocker Amazon

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Street / Trannie
* Rating: Crock of what?

Okay... it *is* cool that SF has a skatepark. It's also cool that it's skateboards only and that the pool-style features support an old hesh tradition. But that's about where the praise stops for Crocker Amazon.

As always, mad respect to all the locals that call this place home, but by just about anyone's standards, you guys got ripped off. With a a rider capacity of a Honda Civic, the park is practically an insult to one of the great epicenters of skate culture. $500,000 worth of "we don't know what the hell we're doing." Just take a look at that fun box... no run up, no run out. Kids are makin' the best of it, but the park's the equivalent of a 2-holed golf course. Borrowing a quote from an article written for the Chronicle, author Ken Garcia states, "convenience and accessibility are not among its strong points, and the amenities aren't so choice either." Damn, that says it all. Pretty big f**k up.

I'd bet that SF has a *much* better park within the next year or two... that's a long time, but everyone's dumping on this effort, old Willie Brown's crew is gonna want to save face sooner or later. Until then, check out your other options... if you've got access to a car, you're all set: Healdsburg, Rosa, Petaluma, Alameda, Greer and Van's Milpitas... for starters!

Directions: From San Francisco take Highway 101 to the Bayshore Blvd. Exit, and head south. Make a right on Geneva [west], and a little more than a mile down Geneva on the right is the Crocker-Amazon Playground. The Skatepark is in the northeast corner of Crocker-Amazon Playground.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Way the hell out
in the middle of
nowhere is SF's
Crocker Amazon

^ Kakea Liao
showing a little
power on this pop.
The young lady has killer
style and deadly tech

^ Team Meat rider,
Patrick Ruggles,
smacking a classic
rock off the coping

^ Lazy 5-oh
ledge work

^ Yep, that's it!
[You may have to
scroll to see the
whole image]

^ Shallow end

^ It's *deep* enough,
there's just not
enough of it

^ The Team Meat
crew [Tim and
Patrick] rocking
*sweet* SPL
stickers - they
look gooooood!

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