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editor's note:
Pier 7

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Street
* Rating: Fear the Pier

Unlike most of our "not-so-skateparks," this place isn't much of a secret. Pier 7 is that classic EssEff skatespot that you've seen in a million ads and a grip of videos. It's not technically a legal spot [I've seen the cops come after skaters more than once], but it's so high-profile and commonly skated that it might as well be.

I once heard some morron say that the perfect skatepark would just be a bunch of manual pads... tsk. SLAP that guy! If that sounds like a street spot to you, it is, and that's just what Pier 7 is all about. A couple of three stairs, manual pads like bums got stank, ledges, etc. All on the menu for the tech dogs out there. While I personally don't think this is the world's best spot, it is a cool hangout and a fun session for flatground skills.

One point worth mentioning might be the prevailing attitude at the Pier... it's not that it's a "locals only" kinda place, and nobody "owns it" or anything, but don't be surprised if you catch a little attitude from some of the thugs, I mean skaters, that hang out there. While super cool chillers like Mike York and Carl Watson are on hand sometimes, other times it's like lunch at high school - gnarly dudes [jocks?!?] screaming at you for random shit. Totally stupid "big city" attitude. One day I was there some neanderthal jackass missed a trick and shot his board down the pier at about 100 MPH. His hissy fit missed a baby carriage by about 6 inches... not always a lot of "love" up in here.

Yep, if you're a heshed out hillbilly ripper, we could recommend a short car ride to Santa Rosa, Petaluma, or Healdsburg to the north. More options await you to the east at Alameda, Dublin, and Livermore. Then there's always the southern connection w/ Greer in Palo Alto and the Vans in Milpitas. San Francisco DOES have its own park over at Crocker Amazon, but it basically sucks. The good news is that a new indoor park is going in down the street on another pier! More on that when we can get some pics...

Directions: It's not a secret, but if you can't figure it out from the name you don't deserve to find it...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ A lot of aluminum
was lost in grinding
those ledges down like
that... Pier 7

^ Unknown noseslider
putting the pier
into action

^ Hubba Hideout is NOT part
of the Pier, but it's close by. Check
those skate stoppers - whoa. Why they did
this to the Hubba, but not to the Pier
is a mystery...

^ Also NOT part of the Pier,
this nearby park is c-c-c-CAPPED
while Pier 7 remains skateable. At
one point in 1996, the city put
metal over the edges of the ledges
at the Pier. It didn't seem to be an
anti-skate measure [it skated fine], and
those metal additions rattled off
eventually... history, children, history.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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