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editor's note:
* Indoor: Metal / 'Crete / Plywood
* Pay: $10 - $6 per session [lengths vary]
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: OG like Ice T

Skatelab is the kind of skatepark that makes you want to say, "this is the best skatepark I've ever been to!"

We begin this review w/ a few notes on what the pics *don't* do such a great job of showing: The street course - tons of wall-riders and quarters w/ fun boxes and rails in between them. The museum - extremely cool, and yet bizarre, moments in skate history dutifully preserved for your education and awe. The pro shop - killer assortment of boards [and if you buy a deck, you get a free session!], clothes, videos, etc. They even have video games.

Now, in the other half of the building is where they keep the flow, fuh-fuh, flow-flow. Everything you could want from a slippery little 3 ft mini, to a kicker fun box, to an extra wide 5ft half pipe w/ a spine to vert wall. There's also a volcano-style pyramid against a wall, a wall kicker, a roll-in to vert wall to flyout/corner hit... And best of all, a bona fide Tim Payne masterpiece, a heavily sessioned wooden bowl [measuring 6 1/2 - 8 1/2] w/ a hip. Creative, challenging, and fun like fireworks.

Just to pour it on a little thicker, Skatelab inspires a mean session, w/ an incredible stoke. A few nights before this review was written, some unnamed locals and a pro from Calgary had the whole park checkin' them out w/ tweaky indi grabs over the spine, feeble grind reverts in the bowl, and 6ft benihanas over the big fun box. Just another Thursday night at one of the sickest parks to ever attempt to stand up to the relentless attack of locals and riders from just about everywhere else. If this was Star Search, Ed McMahan would have to give Skatelab the full "4 stars" [and that should upset the challenger terribly].

For more local parks from this area, check out Camarillo, Ventura's SkateStreet, and Santa Barbara's Skater's Point. We here there's a new park due to open in Apr'01 in Newbury Park... stay tuned for more on that.

Directions: Get on the 118 Freeway and head toward Simi Valley (the 23 and 405 freeways connect to 118). Exit Tapo Canyon Blvd. and head south. Then make the first left [east] on Cochran. Then take a right on to Tapo Street, a few blocks down take another right onto Valley Fair (just before the railroad tracks). SkateLab will be on the left at 4226 Valley Fair Street. For more information, call the park direct at 805-578-0040.
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Mad tech action
at this here SkateLab,

^ Special thanks
to "CalSk8" for
several of the pics
you see here -
these are great
shots, thanks again

^ XL halfer, w/ a
spine to vert wall

^ "Mute tailbone
transfer," thanks

^ Super-kill frontside air,
submitted by CalSk8

^ Over the roller to
the floor, up the vert
wall and back for big
air off the corner or
flyout to flat up top

^ Local Scott
Summers up in
the rafters

^ There's a big
9ft roll-in to
kicker to the
right of this

^ Rich Brown,
rippin' it up
for Spred Clothing

^ "Living legend
thanks to CalSk8

^ Trevor Roberson
kills every park
he rides - ahhhh

^ Dog Town OG
innovator, Alva,
courtesy of CalSk8

^ Thanks to our pal
Todd H. for sending
in this shot of
Tony Hawk at the Lab

^ Rumor has it
this mini is made
of soap... juicy!

^ Tory "the Worm" w/
feeble styles
[Seen this guy on
Fox's Blue Torch???]

^ This is about 5%
of their board

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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