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editor's note:
SkateStreet 2 [Phase 2]

* Indoor: Woodie / 'Concrete
* Pay: $12
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: New - again!

INTRO: Just to create a little extra confusion, here's a little background on this place.

You see, the original SkateStreet was born in 1998 or something - that's the one in the video game. They "lost their lease" and moved a few blocks to the new location [this building], before Pro Skater 3 even came out.

SkateStreet 2 - Phase 1 - was in this building in the summer of 2000. It looked cool, but wasn't anyone's favorite design.

They remodeled in the summer of 2002... the following review is for the most recent design - Phase 2.

Now on with the show...

People don't usually like change - but skaters are pretty into this one. Phase 2 - at SkateStreet 2 - is a big improvement on the last design. While it's still not as well received as the original, it's a better use of the space, for sure.

Talking about the trannie, they've made some big changes. Phase 1 had a big roll-in to kicker section. That was cool, but they got rid of it. Opting for a new - probably better - kicker section where that dragon box was, big air is alive and well. Ditching the dragon-deal was a good move. They also killed the vert ramp. While that doesn't paint a pretty picture for the future of vert, again, it was a great move for SkateStreet. Nobody rode that vert ramp. The new bowl is a great replacement and gets used a lot more. While it might not be the most successful bowl design in history, it's quite a work of art and a fun ride. Rounding out the changes, there are two ridiculous vert walls in the new design for lots of speed across the floor.

Streetwise, just one big change - the hubba/bubba rail section. Great idea! It's not your average 1 ft high rail, barely slippin' over 3 stairs. It's a 3 ft high, 7 stair killer. The twin ledges on either side of the rail serve up the concrete at the end of a variety of slides and grinds. The fun box - the only thing they kept from Phase 1 - is pretty much the same. But that's cool, it always was a popular/successful feature.

Overall, the park is a lot better. Designer Karl Jordon really improved the ride here - killing a lot of the dead ends and questionable features that held this park back in its last incarnation. The over-sized walls in the bowl end, and lack of emphasis on the smaller technical features, makes this more of a bike park than other parks you'll ride. It's not a full-time bike scene [special sessions only], but the design and the chewed-up coping are a persistent reminder that the gears are near...

Directions: From the 101 freeway, you want to exit Telephone Rd in Ventura and head south on Telephone [coming from the Santa Barbara area, you'll take the Telephone exit, make a left on Main, then a right on Telephone]. At the intersection of Telephone and Market, head left [east]. At Goodyear, make a right [south] and the park is located 1954 Goodyear in a big warehouse. For information on session times [be careful you don't show up on a "bikes only" session], call the park direct: 1-877-85-SKATE.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome, again - for the
third time! - to the NEW
Skate Street Ventura!

^ After you shell out the cash,
and walk up the stairs, here's
your view looking across the
length of the park... miniramp
to your left.

^ It's the new bowl area that under-
went the greatest transformation.
In this pic, you're looking at three
walls at once - it's a little distorted.
And that spine that looks kinda reasonable
- it isn't! It goes to vert between 6 and 7
ft. British ex-patriot Jules recently
confessed to killing himself trying to transfer
that thing... and he skates better than you do.
You might want to think twice before you
huck your nuts over that wall. On the right
side of this shot - a monster, curved 12 ft vert
wall, ending with that 7 ft corner-hit on the
far right.

^ I've seen Mark Hollander
do this trick before... he
calls it a "hand switch," I'd
call it a double grab
[Photo: Kenny Catlin]

^ More on that bowl - you're looking
from the back of the bowl toward the
front of the park. That extension on the
right side is moveable. Also, the pocket
that's in the foreground is bigger than the
pocket in the background.

^ SHITEO: Derek
Kromidas bustin' blunt
to fakie on a portable

^ SHITEO: This
guy - Chris Adams -
is killin' it these days.
Representing for Ojai
while he's at it!

^ Now you're looking down at the
fun box. It's the same as it was
in the last version of the park.
The ledge closest to you in this
shot is straight - again, just a
little distorted. Notice the
new kicker complex against the backwall
the background.

^ Here's a more "straight-up"
shot of the fun box...

^ Puttin' the "street" back in
SkateStreet - the "Hubba" and
"Bubba" ledges straddle the new

^ Big coward that I am, I already
miss the 2 ft miniramp that used
to be in this spot. The new miniramp
DOES have a cool transfer to bank line,
plus the extension behind that kid
in the red shorts...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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