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editor's note:
Skate N Jam Skatepark

EXTINCT: As of Summer of '02, this park no longer exists...

"I noticed that you still have Skate N Jam skatepark listed. That skatepark has been bought out by a storage company and is not a skatepark anymore - not since the summer of 2002. Just to let you know..."

- Ian: Jan '03

"Hey there! My name is Jaime. My boyfriend and I own Y2Skate in Lompoc, CA. We're a core skate shop and I had to tell you about the new skatepark here - Skate N Jam.

"One of our team riders, Tommy Burrows, built and owns Skate N Jam. It's an old roller rink that went through a killer transformation. People should know that this kick ass park exists...

"This place is much better than the downtown Lompoc park. Wood, mini-ramp, ledges, fun boxes, 6 stair handrail and more. Sessions four days a week. Skate, blade, bmx [Sundays, 5 - 8 PM only], etc. Pads and helmet required if you're under 18. If you're over 18, only a helmet is required. Music, food, a new CASL park [central coast division]... check it out!!!"

- Jaime: Nov '01

...scroll down for pics

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^ From the ashes of another
fallen roller rink, rises the
phoenix that is Skate N Jam!
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

^ Feeble tip expertise
from Garett Chappel
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

^ Eddie Sanders
grinding nose at
the local park
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

^ Aaron Wilson -
smith grind
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

^ Fun box inspection
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

^ Big wall ride from
"a local of Santa Barbara"
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

^ Mini ramp session
for that coping fix
[Photo: Skate N Jam]

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