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editor's note:
Sunnyvale Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Pile o' Fun!

Yehaw - the Sunnyvale Skatepark kicks so much ass! What a fun park. Big ups to Wormhoudt [831.426.8424] for the design and good times.

"Sunnyvale skatepark is SWEET! Went a couple of months ago. The secrets out."

- JT: Aug '03

Yeah, this park is SOOO GOOOOOOOD... just gets better and better. The design of the big bowl [mainly just good flow and walls that actually come up to vert] forces you to go big, get out above the coping, hit that vert wall - all that. The scene is chill, too. No attitude, tons of skills. Fast becoming everyone's favorite park in the Bay.

"Piped grinding edges are everywhere, and the bowl area absolutely rocks! You can rip this area continuously as long as your thighs hold out. Though all trannies are smooth, some of them are steep, but once you get used to it, you can get a good speed pump from them."

- Christopher Hawn: May '03

"I've been to almost every well-known park in Northern CA at least a few times, and I consider Sunnyvale to be one of the best there is - there's a line for almost everyone. It's not quite as good as living right in Ripon or Grass Valley, but it doesn't suck either!"

- Troy Kelley: Aug '03

Troy's clearly kicking down the recommendation, but I'd argue it's definitely better than Grass Valley, and the trannie is better [read: steeper] than Ripon. You've heard the word... Now go get some and decide for yourself!!!

Directions: Sunnyvale is just north of San Jose on highway 101. Take the 101, and exit "Fair Oaks North," in Sunnyvale, heading southwest. You'll pass Duane [and the 7-11 - go Big Gulp!], the road will branch slightly to the left [south], and you'll make a left into a grassy park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome to Sunnyvale!

^ SHITEO: Jerry
Smyth is more technical
than tax law

^ SHITEO: Those
in the know can tell
that Paul Love is going
switch on this one

^ SHITEO: Backside
kickflip krooked on
the down rail - Jerry
Smyth, ladies and
gentlemen, thank you!

^ This old school dude is working the
coping on the spine between the
BIG bowl, and "medium" bowl...

^ SHITEO: Everybody knows
the "Longboard Dude" - we've
skated with him at parks all
over CA. Roger Mihalko killin'
it with that hipper blast

^ Local Jordan Schwarz off
the same hip as Roger [above],
this time going the other way
[Submission: Jordon Schwarz]

^ SHITEO: Nick
Angeli owns the
frontside slides
on this rail

^ SHITEO: Smith
grind to glory -
Cal Walker!

^ "Not only is it one of the best bowl
around, but there are no blind
spots like you'll find at parks like
Redwood City, Novato, Concord, etc."
[Comments: Troy Kelley / Photo: Christopher Hawn]

^ "There's a killer vert wall in the bowl
section that has attracted some really
gnarly skaters. [Comments/Photo: Troy Kelley]

^ SHITEO: Effortless
footplant off the 8 ft vertwall,
and back into one of the biggest
bowls in CA - props to Roger
Mihalko for big parks skills

^ You gotta love the bowls
the Wormhoudt team had been
building lately. Good job.

^ Jordon Schwarz on a coping
ride on the big pocket
[Submission: Jordon Schwarz]

^ SHITEO: Sun-blocking
flyout courtesy of Mr
Daniel Martinez - bah bang!
Notice you land on a BANK,
which means you retain some
speed and flow and the impact
is easier on your bones. That's
what we call "good design."

^ That vert section
- about 2 feet of it -
bringing the total to
about 8 ft. Real nice.
And smooth as a baby's
ass, to boot!!!

^ Troy's label on
this shot was "Dave -
true vert skating."
Get 'em Dave!
[Photo: Troy Kelley]

^ SHITEO: Daniel Rivera
with rare coping skills.
Watsonville's skatepark
sucks, but it DOES have
a miniramp. That's where
this dude cut his teeth...
Badass skills from a
barebones skatepark.

^ Unlike the little bowl at the Redwood
park, this baby bowl is actually
workable. As a whole, this park is WAY
better than Redwood City's park...
[Photo: Troy Kelley]

^ "The main area is a little wide,
but with good pumping you can create
excellent flow circuits."
[Comments: Christopher Hawn]

^ To my knowledge, this is the
ONLY skatepark to ever "cap"
its own features... weird! Why
did they bother?!?

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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