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editor's note:
South Lake Tahoe

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Sportin' colors

While there are more than a few die-hard "skateboards only" guys out there, a lot of skaters can get busy on other boards too. Tahoe isn't famous for its surfing, but the snowboarding and wakeboarding cross-over action is off the hook. It's cool to see other types of board riders in parks - especially snowboarders - cause they work them big air moves, baby. The little park in South Lake Tahoe is a good place to see those dudes mix it up.

Yeah, this parks a little on the small side, and it has a limited range of options, but it's got some solid trannie for you. You're looking at flat banks, a fun box, and some bowled corners to grind thru. There are even a couple of hips, etc. - a lot of good stuff, but a little light in the "bad ass" category.

For an example of a more "punk rock" skatepark in the Tahoe area, catch a ride over to North Lake Tahoe, to the Truckee skatepark - that's a cool park. There's also a famous pool in the area that's skateable and available to the public - at the Stawberry Lodge [Got pics?]. If you're ever in between Tahoe and San Francisco, you should probably take a minute and check out Grass Valley as well.

Special thanks out to Tahoe local Kay Bradford for hooking up the photos below... mission accomplished - thanks!

Directions: Take Highway 50 [Lake Tahoe Blvd.] to Al Tahoe Boulevard [it's pronounced "Ay El"], and head west. Al Tahoe Blvd. bends to the south. After the bend, the skatepark is on the left in Bijou Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Easy rollin' good times
await at the South Lake Tahoe
skatepark [Photo: Kay Bradford]

^ Another look back
at those hips... the
R to the izail is chillin'
in the foreground
[Photo: Kay Bradford]

^ Another "smart" park...
No fences, no gnarly
ticketing or locked gates
needed. You put up a BIG
SIGN and the city is
released from liability.
Good times, no hassles -
the way it should be!
[Photo: Kay Bradford]

^ Mr Fun box is sportin'
a metal grindable...
[Photo: Kay Bradford]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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