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editor's note:
Temecula Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Pay: $5 [$2 for Temecula residents]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: To Heck U la

Just off the 15 freeway - inland from the coast a bit - is a lovely little town called Temecula. Now, as a skate assasin, you should know that the town is mostly known for its *pay* park The Ollie House [that place is the shit!]. However, there is another park in town... a very odd skate zone with more red tape than the DMV.

It's a public park, right? Usually that means that you have to wear pads, but this place takes it a step further. They've got a sweet "prison" fence that surrounds the place - typical, yet despicable. They also have a monitor - which is usually a waste of money [!] - but in this case, they offset the cost by making you pay to ride this place - awesome solution! They also put the screws to the younger guys w/ another f**kin' waiver. The only "good" news is that if you don't have pads, they'll let you rent those for a few extra bucks. Thanks for nothing.

Arrrrrrgh! I don't know why, but almost every park in the San Diego area has these wack ass rules. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the more rules, the less kids will use the park! You're sending kids back into the streets, the steps at the library, etc. They *may* get a ticket for skating public spots, but at the skatepark they're definitely gonna have to deal w/ all the hassles... the odds are better on the street!

To make matters worse, this park was apparently designed by old people that don't know anything about skating - or at least it looks that way. It's big and rolling - that *does* make for a good flow scene - but that's about where the praise ends. They built a 60' wide bowl... 60 ft?!? I didn't ride it but I'm sure that space could have been used to make two good bowls instead of one big, slow, boring one. The rest of the park is pretty much the same. Icing on the cake: The park's built below the water table so it constantly leaks water from every crack. Perfect!

We recommend you skip this place and head out to The Ollie House. Other nearby rides include Escondido, the YMCA in Encinitas, and of course the *sweet* park at Robb Field in Ocean Beach! We've also got pics of Santee. That park's not that great, but it's also "hassle free" compared to the bullshit at most of the SD parks...

Directions: Coming from Los Angeles, take Interstate 10 east to Interstate 15 south. Exit at Rancho California heading east. About a mile east of the freeway, Rancho California intersects with Margarita Road. Turn right [south] onto Margarita Road. Drive past Rancho Vista Road, and on the right is Rancho California Sports Park. The skatepark is in the Sports park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ It's a big park, but Temecula
has done about everything they could
to ruin this opportunity for local

^ Nice amphitheater. Really, great
seating! Just one question, where's
the skatepark?

^ With a lot of speed you
might have a good time in
this bowl... it just should
have been *much better* and
it clearly isn't.

^ Those "stains" are from
the water that leaks into
this park...

^ It's skateable and the flow
looks alright, but if this was
Star Search - you're looking at
a "One Star Park" [out of four!]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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