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editor's note:
Ollie House

EXTINCT: As of Aug '02, this park no longer exists...

"Thought you might like to know the Ollie House is dead! We went last night [Aug 1, '02], and there was a bulldozer and a pile of wood... OUT OF BUSINESS!!!"
- Mike McIntyre: Aug '02

"Hey. Didn't know if you guys knew or not, but the Ollie house is gone. Sad to see it go. One of the best."
- Kyle Kirwan: Aug '02

"In late July, The Ollie House closed. So sad. I loved that park, too."
- Skatertroy: Aug '02

Last time we wrote about the fine Ollie House, we were on our way down there and had never actually seen it. All the pics we had came from Michael and Andrew Durso's submissions [thanks for those!]. Now it's several months later and we've personally seen and ridden [and hence dreamed about] this little nug' of a park... I know I say this all the time, but, "This is greatest park I've ever been to!"

To begin w/, it's a 2-story facility - whoa! Upstairs is supposedly for little kids... whatever. That part alone is better than a lot of parks I've been to. I'd guess and say about 12,000 ft of flow, whoops, wall rides, a rail - good times! Then there's downstairs...

If you've read many of the reviews on this site, you might know that we're down for trannie. So for us, the Ollie House was a near overdose of perfect walls! They've got big vert - 12 ft. They've got two mini-ramps under 4 ft [I love min-ramps]. They've got a 6 ft mini w/ extensions. And the crown jewel, a downstairs mini-playground that I haven't stopped talking about since I left that place. I broke my kingpin about 30 minutes into my session and it almost broke my heart...

Need more? They have street, too! A really nice, multi-tiered street course with creative use of kickers, big roll-ins, all kinds of rails [including a rainbow], and banks, and bowled corners, and...

She's a perfect 10!

We've got to take a minute and send out the proper respects to the owner Rohn Korman [cool guy, of course] and all the local head bangers. Big ups to Fred Kaehler from MI, Dave "SF" Badley, Sean Huber, Nick "Smiles" Barone, Trevor Korman, Tommy "I don't need a nickname" Wildgoose, and of course, Andrew Durso. You guys are awesome and so is your park!!!

Directions: Temecula is between LA and San Diego, just east/inland from San Clemente. From the 15 freeway, exit Rancho California Rd and head west. As far as we can tell, you'll cross Old Town Rd and make a right on Business Park Dr. The actual address is 43300 Business Park Drive, Suite 102. If you want to correct our directions, let us know, and for more info on the park, call them direct at: 909.699.1145

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Dave "I just moved to the
Bay Area" Badley launching
thru the street course at the
Ollie House

^ Big roll-in to the
the street course... submitted by the Dursos

^ This is the coolest
mini-ramp playground
ever built... endless
flow, a million lines -
just this feature alone is
worth driving down to
check this place out

^ Here's another view...
there's more upstairs!
Submitted by the Durso

^ SHITEO!™: Wildman
Fred Kaehler throwing this
hucker into the rafters...

^ Submit!

^ SHITEO!™: Another
simple video clip
- w/ Nick Barone
behind the wheel -
to give you a feel
for how this place

^ Here's another angle at the
street course [opposite the
roll-in], as well as a final
look at the mini-land set-up
in the background.

^ More wicked flow

^ Upstairs view -
looking back at
where the pic to the
left was shot -
submitted by the Dursos

^ Here's the *other*
side of the upstairs

^ Andrew Durso on the
chop-chop, benihana
routine. I've seen him
land these.. the kid's good,
[photo: Alex Melendez]

^ Main floor street
angle, shot by the
Dursos, from next to
the roll-in...

^ Fred Kaehler
slicing sky on
the 6ftr. This guy
is killer on any
terrain - great attitude,

^ Normally I'd bitch
about how they should
have used this space for
other more creative
trannie - but in this
case, they've got so
much great trannie, the
Vert ramp is a great
addition to an otherwise
fully stocked park.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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