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editor's note:
Templeton Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Rorschach Test

When I was in high school I dated this chick [hey Lori!] that was into comic books. One book she made me read was called the "Watchmen." It was cool, and I think about that damn book all the time. I remember the book made some reference to Rorschach tests... you know, those inkblot tests? They put some ink on a page, fold it in half, and it makes a symmetrical pattern. When a psychologist shows you these weird patterns, you're supposed to say what they make you think of. If you come up w/ some crazy shit, they throw you in the nut house, like in "Girl Interrupted". If you say a bunch of normal boring stuff, they give you some Prozac and toss you out in the street. Anyway, Templeton skatepark is basically symmetrical from end to end - like a Rorschach test, get it? - which is uncommon in skatepark design. But instead of making you think about a bunch of crazy thoughts, the park facilitates a bunch of crazy skating... And just like that comic book, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this place since I last felt those juicy features beneath my feet. Cool park.

It's not uncommon for me to rave about this skatepark design team called Wormhoudt [831.426.8424]. They build great parks and this is yet another one. I usually tell people that Wormhoudt's parks are both fun and creative - you can totally see it here. You've got plenty of tech features, but the unique parts of this park are the bowls.

The bowls at Templeton are a big fat tribute to killer grinds, bowled corners, and escalator coping galore. You can drop into the little bowl [for instance], 50-50 the opposite wall, grind across the coping down the escalator into a bowled corner, grind around the corner, and then drop in again... sick, sick, sick! I could ride that kind of stuff all day. For another example of a good bowl park, check out Newburyport MA. They've got a ton of this escalator stuff going on there, too.

We owe some thanks out to Jim Fossey for letting us know this place existed. Thanks bro...

"There's a pretty dope park in Templeton, CA. Personally, I think it is better then the Grover Beach park. You have to wear pads and helmets... I just wanted to tell you guys about it because it is one of the better parks in the county."

Jim Fossey: May '01

For more parks in the area, check out Grover Beach [like Jim mentioned], San Luis, Santa Maria YMCA, Lompoc, Paso Robles [pics coming soon], and further north you'll hit Salinas.

Directions: Coming from Santa Barbara, take Highway 101 north to Templeton [north of San Luis Obispo]. Exit Main St. and head east. Main Street will hook to the right and run south, stay on Main St. Turn left off of Main St. onto 5th St. 5th St. dead-ends into the skatepark.

...scroll down for pics

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^ One of a kind, and
she's just *dreamy*
to skate - Templeton!

^ Here's a panoramic
of the park... that
bowl to the left is
square, it's just a
little distorted.
[Scroll to see the
complete image...]

^ Killer flow at
this spot

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^ Get in your hoopty
ride, drive to this
park and SKATE!!!

^ I didn't like the big
bowl too much. It rides
a little funny. I'm
guessing that the
contractor choked on
this part a bit...

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