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editor's note:
Torrance Skatepark

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"One day I skated up the street to have a session before I had to play a show in Hollywood... they were taking out all of the ramps and shit. Not enough kids were coming [paying!], so it's gone. Hopefully they put in a free cement park. This sucks."

- Jonny Homesick: Mar '04

Another in series of lessons about skateparks... if it's not concrete, it's crap! Want a park that's here tomorrow? Carve it outta stone. Everything else is a waste of time.

Opening day was January 26, 2002, but Torrance skatepark was "unofficially" open for business since the fall of 2001. Some of our shots below are from opening day, but we have some first hand knowledge of this park from previous sessions as well.

Skipping right to the accolades, this park is top-tier transition, no doubt. Quite obviously one of the best parks in CA, it successfully fills a void in the "big-time park" category, providing a safe haven for park rats caught in the gap between the glorious sessions of the Ollie House to the south and Skatelab to the north.

Layout follows an increasingly familiar "competition format," including multiple fun-boxed street lines, echoing between various banks and quarter pipes. Non-traditional highlights include a sweet kicker section and a boomerang bowl with 5 bowled corners and a square hip - booyah! The riding surface is skatelite and concrete for speed junkies, flow-flow is easy to find throughout the park, and all the coping is pre-fab goodness and grinds thru your session like a Japanese super-train. Late nights run until 10 PM, powered by stadium lights and the endless aggression of the local villains.

A few history notes: This 26,000 sq ft park [about twice as big as your average cement public park] was brought to you by the persistent lobbying of Mr Bob and his crew. His partner in crime is the current Torrance mayor, Dee Hadison [She's down for skaters... we love it!]. Along w/ local ruler Daewon Song, innumerous other skatepark fiends, and various helping hands, this team put together a rare private/public style facility; it's a public park on city land, run by a non-profit organization.

Like we told Bob, we're typically gnarly to parks that institute waivers and rules [totally unnecessary in most cases - that's a fact!], but this park's exceptional quality and maximized hours earn some relief from our usual heckling. However, if the cost or other restrictions are keeping you from killin' this park, worthy "hassle free" sessions are close by in the cities of Bellflower, Brea, Fullerton, and Paramount - all "2nd generation" Purkis Rose parks with the kind of "skate on - skate off" freedom that makes us proud.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The skatepark in Torrance is
now open for business. Serving up
"all you can eat" portions of trannie
and street style nourishment.

^ SHITEO: Yes!
Wes Watanabe
in a low orbit
over the bowl.

^ Synthetic street

^ SHITEO: Ani-
sequence of a
lipslide down
the mellow rail
on the "pro" course.

^ As you walk in the gates,
the first section you come
to is the "kiddie" area. That's
a pretty sweet mini-ramp, by
the way...

^ ...looking back at the "kid" area,
this is the "intermediate" street
section. Nice flow lines back
and forth across those fun boxes...

^ Connected to the "intermediate"
area is the "pro" section. The flow is
a little limited here on the right side,
but the kicker section - on the left - works

^ George Watanabe,
working that hip

^ Step 1: Be sure that
your health insurance
is paid in full.
Step 2: Fire up the
camera crew. Step 3:
Charge that transfer
like you've got nothing
to lose. Step 4: Send us
the evidence...

^ Mizael Simao,
super casual, just
chillin' about 3 ft
above the lip.

^ One more time for the childrens,
here's Mizael on that hip-shot

^ Opening day media circus,
local pro Daewon bathing
in the limelight.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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