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1655 N.Mountain #105
Upland CA


editor's note:
Upland Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free[dom]!
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Up yours!

A gimmicky skatepark trend, or the sickest thing you've ever seen in your life? Whatever your take is, fullpipe mania is in effect, and Upland pays tribute to the tradition and brings some of the gnarliest trannie in the world BACK to SoCAL... it's about time!

"There's a cool park in plan check right now... Purkiss Rose is re-creating the Upland Pipeline - just the pipe part. Wally Hollyday [California Skateparks - 909.949.1601] is doing the concrete, and Salba has been helping with the design - it's gonna have a sick run. A 40 ft long pipe, an overall run of like 130 ft, an 11 ft bowl, and a 14 ft halfpipe at one end."

- Jerry Nolan: Dec '01
  Purkiss Rose [714.871.3638]

For a little background on fullpipes, you could always start w/ the Baldy Pipeline, or any of the random trannie throughout the world. There's this jenky fiberglass p-o-s available at Thrash'dland. A plush modern fullpipe - designed for skaters - is up and running at Millenium skatepark in Calgary, Canada. I'm pretty sure Ecuador [South America] has an "oval" shaped pipe that was built to be skated. Earlier this year, Zac Wormhoudt's crew assembled the beast at Louisville KY, bringing PUBLIC fullpipes back to the US. Finally, we heard a rumor that the Dreamland crew is building a fullpipe in ID that you'll be able to roll OVER!

The timing on Upland is interesting because Purkiss Rose just opened a few 100% street parks. While we at SKATEparkLIST find these anti-trannie parks more than just a little insulting, they are quite popular with the tech-heads, and, with a dedicated fullpipe in the neighborhood, maybe there IS hope for trannie skating after all...

"When I was 14 years old, I was doing hand plants and board slides in the corners at the original Upland combi pool. I don't see too many 14 year old kids doing that these days. The only reason I was able to skate vert was because the terrain I learned on was demanding. No kid will even come close to his or her potential if they only know how to skate street."

- Bill Wahl: Sep '01

Bill's comments do a good job of articulating why trannie - and BIG COUNTRY trannie in particular - should be a priority in the skatepark community. Street skating is great - and it's a HUGE part of skateboarding today - but it's problematic to ask a bunch of street skaters what they want in a skatepark - all they know is street! While that's cool and all, they'll never learn what trannie is all about in pure-street parks. That sucks. The answer is a good mix of both street AND trannie, that gets the old schoolers up on some ledges, while giving the pups a shot at flizity-FLOW!

All things considered, THIS park certainly serves up the love for trannie and will convert more than a few street wizards, no doubt. Big ups to everyone involved in this design. It's burly, there are no locked gates, it's got lights... damn good job. There are a zillion miles of booyah in that pipe, now all you have to do is go get some!

Directions: Upland is off the 10 fwy, on your way east from LA. As you enter the town of Upland, exit Euclid and head north. A few blocks north of the 10, make right [east] on Arrow Highway. After you cross Campus, Arrow will bend to the right, but you'll continue straight [the street is called San Bernardino at that point]. After you pass the hospital, the skatepark will be on your left [north] in a big park near a YMCA.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ "SoCAL is getting a fullpipe in a
skatepark. It's being built in Upland
CA. It needs to be on the SKATEparkLIST
for sure!" [Comments - Nate: Sep '02]

^ "I don't know what else to say, it's a
. If you like big trannie and
going fast, this is the place. It's really
all about the fullpipe... thank you Wally
Hollyday!!!" [Comments - Akira: Oct '02]

^ "The whole run lies on a slight downgrade
so it's fast... I mean REALLY fast. About
halfway through pipe you are flying!!!"
[Comments - Akira: Oct '02]

^ Here's an OLDSCHOOL shot of the original
Upland Pipeline. The combi bowl in this
shot was reproduced at the Vans park in
Orange a few years ago. The original fullpipe
- and the inspiration for this park - is in the
bottom of this awesome shot.
[Photo: Salba - Submission: Jerry Nolan]

^ Here's a look at the shallow end...
"The whole thing has 3 inch coping
[instead of 2 1/2 inch], which nicely
accents the grandeur of the place."
[Comments - Akira: Oct '02]

^ SHITEO: Didn't
get this guy's name, but
we did get some video of
this frontside air...

^ Chad Kelley
hitting the
oververt section
of the pipe the
EASY way...

frontside 180 over
7-stair rail courtesy
of local Kenton Brust!

^ The street dawgs were actually
complaining that the rail on the
11-stair was too big! They said
it's higher that a real street rail.
They said "the pros can't even ride
it..." I don't know about that last

^ Everyone liked the 7-stair
set-up just fine...

^ Ledges, and more ledges...

^ Quite a feat of engineering.

^ Good signs are all a city needs to avoid
liability and the "pad nannie"/locked gate
situation. Note the sign in the first pic,
"Skatepark is unsupervised - skate at
your own risk!
" Just like a public beach,
right?!? That's all you need to do to keep a
park open during 100% of daylight hours. At 14
ft at its deepest, this is the gnarliest public
park in all of CA [???], and they aren't wasting
any rideable hours on locked gates!!! Hell ya,
Upland. Great job!!!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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