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editor's note:
SkateStreet 1 [The Original]

EXTINCT: In the summer of 2000, this version of this park was torn down. They reopened at a new location...

* New Park - "Phase 1" review
* New Park - "Phase 2" review

Ventura and the rest of the 805 are still mourning the loss of one of the greatest parks ever built. Early in September 2000, the original SkateStreet began the painful process of deconstruction. While the new SkateStreet 2 is open for business just a few blocks away, it is by no means a replica of the original, and the smooth lines of its predecessor will be missed.

Tim Garrety, SkateStreet's General Manager and partner in operation, said the original park hosted sessions to an "excess of 50,000 skaters in the four years since we started." For those of you who missed it, the park was famous for its big vert ramp [there are tons of clips of that ramp in videos, etc.], the 7' wooden bowl, an over-vert wave, a kinked 3 ft mini w/ an extension and a spine... The skate culture even spilled over into punk concerts, video game footage [one of the old Skate Canada videos has some great footage of something other than the vert ramp], innumerous broken bones [Jamon broke his thumb here], and thousands of board-snapping grind sessions that will never be forgotten.

We've received a few submissions from the old park, and we'll continue to post to preserve SkateStreet's history and the good times that were broken off by all those riders. For now, check out the new pics of local Trevor Roberson below, and send in your pics when you have a chance. We'll make you famous...
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This is just *most*
of the original SkateStreet

^ Trevor Roberson
hang time off the
old corner hit

^ Monster ollie
shot [Photo:
Mark Whitaker]

^ Trevor with a
huge ollie to
wall ride

^ Mark tells us
this is Davey Ortega
rocketing outta the
7ft bowl [Photo:
Mark Whitaker]

^ Andrew Burns submitted this
shot of himself bustin' a mean
1-footed nose grab

^ We're pretty sure
this is an old
pic of one of the
Brito brothers. These
guys kill the 805 parks
when they're not working
on Two Skateboards

^ Mid-park view

^ Stacy Lowery
tweaking airtime
[Photo: Mark Whitaker]

^ Nick Le Strange
from a competition
[Photo: Mark Whitaker]

^ Rocker Eddie Villa
on the vert ramp
[Submission: Eddie]

^ Boomin' melon
off the six-sided
pyramid [Photo:
Mark Whitaker]

^ 7ft wooden bowl
- 1ft of vert

^ Sam Willis goes
past vert on the
the "wave." On another
trip, Sam dropped in
on this monster, missed
the landing, and
shattered a helmet
into little pieces
as his head met the
concrete... gnarly!

^ Check the options
out of the vert

^ We took a few
screen shots from
Tony Hawk's Pro
Skater video game
to give you an
idea of how accurate
that game is...

^ ...these shots
should match up
to the actual photos

^ ...these days,
Pro Skater is the
only way you'll
get to ride this
park. Sad, but true.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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