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editor's note:
SkateStreet 2 [Phase1]

EXTINCT: As of Summer of 2002, this version of this park no longer exists...

* New "Phase 2" review - now available
* Old "Original Park" review

In September 2000, SkateStreet reinvented itself. For the original SkateStreet on Knoll drive, it was an end of an era. Fortunately, just miles away, a new SkateStreet was open for business, keeping the endless-session alive for locals and skaters from all over. We've talked to a lot of local riders about the change and most of us are at least a little bummed. The original park was too classic to forget. Putting all the nostalgic feelings aside, the new park - as you can see - has a lot of opportunity to pick up where "#1" left off.

SkateStreet has a done a lot to dig into the larger skate scene. Most noticeably, the original park was used [and eventually featured] in that little skate video game we've heard so much about. ESPN's "Gigantic Skatepark Tour" has cruised thru the old park. Looking a little deeper, you might recognize the cityscape images on SkateStreet's walls in the background of music videos, etc. More than just a place to ride, SkateStreet became a regional epicenter for our scene. I bet we can expect the same from "Episode 2"...

About the new park - there's a gang of stuff to ride and they let everyone in. They've got fun boxes - including a "Dragon" setup that is truly unique. They've got a kicker section w/ a big roll-in for speed. The mini-ramp opportunities are endless w/ a 4 ft halfer connected to a "kiddy" section. And for the vert dawgs, they've got about 12 feet of gravity for you. Check the pics below and then go ride. SkateStreet is open to boards and blades, as well as dedicated times for bikers. And just to prove they've got a little love for everyone [we guess???], they even let those barneys on the scoot scoots in - great!!! We're not too sure about "Soap" shoes... you might want to call ahead on that one.

A couple of things will always be true at this park - the locals rip and the crew at SkateStreet are good guys. Big shout out to SkateStreet's Bob - how's that leg healin' up, bro?

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Skate Street Ventura has been
remodeled... the 3D model below
shows you what the new park looks
like. For a complete review of the
new park, click here.

^ SkateStreet Ventura,
part 2. Looks good,
doesn't it...

^ Sweet kickers

^ The wedge hit is
a true "trannie"
feature - j'eah!

^ Here's the roll-in
for the kickers

^ This guy is
practically a
SPL team rider
at this point -
Todd Griffiths w/
an ollie-oop to wall
ride. Thanks to Clout's
John Jacobs for the

^ George Harrison
w/ the nose slide

^ Eric Thibedeau
rockin' the mini
[kid section is
behind him...]

^ Bad ass pic of
local Edgar Plaza
shot by Mark
Whitaker [you can
check out Edgar
at the 805's
Camarillo park]

^ Killer contribution
from Andrew Burns,
seen here taking
out a big section
of air

^ SHITEO: A little
bit more footage
of Todd Griffiths
in this animated

^ Andrew Burns
again hucking
a melon over
a homeboy...

^ Eric w/ the
bs b-slide

^ Todd Griffiths -
nose grind

^ Bam! - George
got a nosebleed on
this one he was
up so high

^ Big channel on
the vert ramp

^ Back wall of
the park - "banks
are us" style

^ Todd w/ a
wicked, Vallely
inspired vert-to-
roller transfer

^ Close up of the
Dragon set up

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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