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editor's note:
Old Star Skateshop

This is a PRIVATE ramp and it's NOT open to the public. It belongs to Old Star Skateshop. Go spend some $$$ there. Now on with the show...

Have you seen that kick ass ad for Epic skateshoes with Jason Acuna going big on a vert wall? You know, on the Old Star mini ramp? Yeah? Well we saw it too, and we wanted to check that shit out.

We called up the guys at Old Star - conveniently located for your shopping pleasure at 3106 Lincoln Blvd in Venice - and they said it would be cool for us to come by and take a quick look see. Oooo-weee, that ramp's a beaut!

I know what you're thinking, and no, you can't ride it. This is one of those "invitation only" kinda spots... we're just giving you a peek 'cause it's a crazy cool mini-ramp and we're hella into this kinda scene. Ain't no party like a mini-ramp party, 'cause a mini-ramp party don't staaaawp - boey!

If you want to check this place out for yourself, come by the shop. Like we said, nobody's saying you're gonna get to ride this beast, but the shop and their nefarious crew take their lumps just about every day. Cruise in and hook up a new set-up some day just before they close and you might see some trucks meet trannie.

Bravo. Great ramp, guys.

Directions: From the 405, head toward Santa Monica. When you hit the 10 fwy, head west toward the beach. Exit at Lincoln Blvd, which will put you on Olympic Blvd. From there turn left onto Lincoln. Proceed to 3106 Lincoln - it'll be on your right. Just look for the ramp! For more info, call 'em at 310.450.8220.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ One hell of a ride
at the Old Star
skateshop in Venice

^ Wise ass Chris
Casey w/ some
frontside butta

Jim Callans in
in this ani-
sequence [it's
a big one: 344k!]

^ Front side pop
from Matt

^ Vert wall, two
extensions, quick
trannies and super
solid construction...

^ This guy Chris is
quite the clever guy.
Here he is again
heckling some dude.
It's funny cause he
wasn't making fun of

^ Pool coping.
Yep. Uh-huh. Sure

^ Big thanks out to Old Star
for letting us creep in for some
footy, some laughs, and even a couple
quick rides. Proper respects out to
Matt, Chris, Steve, Ben, Jim, Sam, Ryan
and Dan...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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