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editor's note:
Visalia Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Room to roll

Another example of the SKATEparkLIST.COM community in action: Check out this review of the Visalia skatepark. We've got a bunch of our own pics [shot in winter of '00], some footy from a reader, and some comments from another Visalia local. The real dirt - right from the locals - plus enough shots to give you a chance to make up your own mind. Here goes...

"Provident skatepark in Visalia, CA, is about a year old now [as of Sep '00] and is one of the biggest cement parks in CA. There are hella groms, teens, and pros who are always there ripping. It is such a dope park. Evening sessions are the best because most of the groms are usually gone, so there are mainly big boys who rip and a handful of little kids rippin' too."

- Andrew Franzen: Sep '00

Now for some proper respects: Big ups out to Purkiss Rose - designers of this fine park. We'd also like to send out props to Jesse Paez, Visalia local and resident park hero.

We hear there are other "local parks" in the cities of Handford and Lemoore. Beyond that... you're kinda in the middle of nowhere out here. Vans has a park in Bakersfield, but it's their worst one and recently had all its bowls torn out. Really, your best bet is probably Ripon [not far from Modesto]. Ripon is a couple of hours to the northwest, but it's one of the best parks in Cali.

Directions: Visalia is about 35 miles south of Fresno. Coming from Fresno, take Highway 99 south to Highway 198 east. From there, take the "CA 63 N/ Central Visalia" exit... that will drop you on W Noble Avenue. Continue east on W Noble to Locust Street and make a right [south]. Make left [east] onto Tulare Avenue. The skatepark is on the left. The address is 211 W Tulare Avenue.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome, childrens,
to Visalia!

^ Dats a lot a concrete...

^ You can get
your quarterpipe
on. Yes you can!

^ Corner hits

^ Boardslider

^ This is a snake run,
bowl-type thing.

^"The homies kicking it
by the half & bowl."
[Quote/Pic: Gary Lockhart]

^ "Gary Lockhart -
back in from a 50-50
on the quarter." [Quote/
Pic: Gary Lockhart]

^ Here's some tech
stuff up on the deck

^ "Stephanie Lockhart -
fakie rock the quarter."
[Quote/Pic: Gary Lockhart]

^ Fun boxing

^ We usually call
these features
"twinkies"... this
one is like a twinkie/
volcano combo.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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