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editor's note:
Volcom's PRIVATE Skatepark

This is a PRIVATE park and it's NOT open to the public.

What you're about to witness is the power and glory of Volcom's private training facility. You can't ride there, so don't even think about it... for parks that YOU can actually ride, see the rest of the SK8parkLIST. Now on with the show...

Earlier this summer, we were out road tripping and we decided to give Volcom a call. We rolled up to their compound on a Saturday, a practice session for the Damn AM contest that was to be held at this spot the next day. Yes, we saw some guys that ride skateboards - and they were skateboarding! Skating is rad.

Overall, you gotta know it was bitchin', man!!! The BBQ was firing out hot dogs. There were thirst-quenching beverages. Coolios were kickin' it on various couches, sportin' porn star sunglasses, spiked belts, and rock star mystique. If you think visiting Volcom's headquarters would be cool, dude... you're right!

The park [another fine execution from build/design crew Team Pain - 407.695.8215], is slick and features a stylish smorgasbord of transition that'll make your mouth water. The vert ramp is very pretty, w/ pool coping covered extensions. The 5 ft mini ramp comes complete w/ a 8 ft extension and flyout lines. Other features include competition-format flat banks and a big funny-fun box stocked w/ flowy ramps on either side. Whiz-bang factor is set on "11" as the infamous Volcom aesthetic drapes the park in black and white wisdom, steppin' straight from the Stone.

Thanks out to Volcom for letting us drop in and document this wicked little scene. Proper respects in your general direction for your kind treatment of trannie - we had a great time!

We're not giving you directions to this place, but for skateables in the area, check out the Long Beach lines, Huntington #2, Irvine's public and Gravity Games parks, flowables at San Clemente, and indoor insanity at Temecula's Ollie House.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Top to bottom insider's
view of Volcom's domain

^ Tricky technicals
from Jason Acuna

^ Look at that
wall... "skate
and create," as my
buddy Todd would say

^ Dennis Busenitz
skates with extreme
prejudice... a stone
cold killer on a skate-
board. Rip, rip!!!

^ Unknown AM huckin'
a melon transfer from
the mini ramp

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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