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editor's note:
West Anaheim Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Lock down

This review needed a little make-over... we were way off on our initial impressions. We've since ridden the skatepark in West Anaheim, and we're not as into this place as we once were.

"Wow! What a great review of the new Anaheim "Sadlands" skatepark - you obviously haven't ridden it yet! What a disappointment. The pool - slow, tight, kinked. Although I seem negative, it's still skateboarding and I still had fun. Judge for yourself."

Rob Maushund: Oct '02

About the pool - which may be the only reason to ride this park - it's not that bad. It's smaller and mellower than most "real" backyard pools [just over 6 ft?], that's true. However, it does go to vert, the coping is "Salba-sauced" and grinds great. I'm tempted to call it a beginner pool - if there is such a thing.

The "Sadlands" area - which was a nice idea - seems like it was "homemade." The features are weird in the first place, but the construction seems extra jenky for no good reason. Who knows what they were thinking.

The street course is probably too big to be of much use to most skaters - if you're not Daewon, you're probably not going to appreciate the extra steep banks and super high ledges. It seems like it was built for bikes, but no bikes are allowed, so that rules that out. Not good.

Originally, we had heard the rules were gonna be cool, but that is definitely NOT the case. Full pads required, no cameras, no spectators, no drinks... total Nazi lock down. Sucks.

"There is at least one park ranger there at all times, with up to eight rangers standing by. These guys have hassled many skaters on a regular basis. They close the park when it's windy, and the day BEFORE it rains - just to be safe! At night they close earlier than most parks so they can set up the pipes and chains to lock the place down until the next day. Prepare for hassles when you come over to this park."

- Tonto: Jan '03

If you think these policies are ridiculous - and they ARE - give Christine Stanko [714.765.5298] a call and let your voice be heard. City Counsel is doing NOTHING to get the park rangers to loosen up. Make some noise!

Directions: Take the 5 freeway to Anaheim and exit North Brookhurst St. From the exit, head south for about 1 block, make a right [west] on Crescent and the address is 2271 West Crescent Street. The skatepark is located in Brookhurst Community Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Choked with rule mongers and suffering
from issues related to design AND construction,
West Anaheim is a good pool spot, but
that's probably the only reason to skate this
place... [Photo: West Anaheim]

^ SHITEO: Rodney
Cassell - riding for
Grind King - had the pool
all to himself when
we showed up
[Video: Ali Kermani]

^ SHITEO: This
poked-out frontsider
is SOO sick... Brant
Austin can shred
that thing [Video:
Ali Kermani]

^ SHITEO: Rodney
here again, with
boardslide flow
on the "Sadlands"

^ The street stuff is not that great and
the Sadlands stuff is more "weird" than "fun" [Plans: West Anaheim]

^ Ahhhh, I see tile in that pool!
You gotta love the "cratththththt" noise
when you hit tile in a pool. Is this
the only PUBLIC pool in CA? I think
it is... West Anaheim joins Donald OR
and Nashua NH with PUBLIC pool
designs and the tradition lives on.
[Photo: West Anaheim].

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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