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editor's note:
Westminster Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: West, Mister!

I was chillin' in a skatepark on a Friday afternoon and that place was empty. Ghost town. I asked some straggler grom what was up? He said that if we really wanted to see a cool park we should check out the new rides at Westminster. Oh yeah? Yeah.

Westminster turned out to be pretty good. The street course is cool. It's got more elevation change than most parks in SoCAL, that means 1.) speed and 2.) flow. It's got a big 7 stair the tech heads will be into. The flow's not bad. But the best part about this place is the bowl.

The bowl is mellow - it's probably only 3 feet - but the walls are steep enough to give you the speed you need to succeed. You can also pull board/lip slides without your back wheels dragging. It's shaped like a heart [ahhhhhh....], and the "top" of the heart makes a nice hip you can hit from either side. There's also a tombstone sticking up an extra foot off of one side of the heart. You can pump this thing, you can catch air, and you can grind them bowled corners! The session was packed w/ coolios fighting the snakes for the next line... awesome night. Not your average crap bowl [see Claremont for a typical effort], this is one of the best features in SoCAL. Good job.

Another cool thing about this park is the no-hassles rules situation. You gotta wear pads [it's a California law], but that's where the hangups end. No gnarly fence, no monitor, no bullshit hours - just skateboarding! Good job, again.

There are a ton of other parks within an hour of this place. For more rides check out the parks in Huntington, Long Beach, Hermosa Beach, Venice, and the Vans park in Orange. We also recently rode a great park in Brea. There are two parks in Irvine, a park in Seal Beach, and another in Laguna Hills. We'll have pics of more of those parks coming soon.

Directions: Coming from the Los Angeles area, take Interstate 405 south to Highway 22 east. Exit at Beach Boulevard [Hwy 39], and head south. Make a left [east] onto 18th Street. 18th Street dead-ends into Liberty Park, where you will find the skatepark.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The little park at
Westminster features
a kill-kill bowl. This is
a nice big pic - w/ the park
in the background - taken
from the bottom of the "heart."
[Scroll to see whole image]

^ Chris Hamrock
blasting from the
street course into
another bowl...

^ Submit your bad

^ Phil Van Overeem
[roast beef - upper left]
can be seen killin'
this bowl when he's
not spinning vinyl...
you go, deejay!

^ Fun boxisms

^ See! All you
have to do is put
up some big signs
- like the one in the
background - and you can
skip all the red tape,
nazi harassment that parks
like Oceanside
have created. Thanks to
Westminster for their
support of a stress-free
skate scene...

^ There's your stair

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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