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editor's note:
Whittier Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Locked down

The Whittier skatepark story starts with this:

"Check out Whittier... really clean bowl, built by Wally Hollyday [909.949.1601] - the master."

- Jerry Nolan: Dec '01

I showed up for the first time on a Saturday morning during ASR. The bowl was bigger than I figured it would be - at 7 feet, it's bigger than most of the bowls in Cali. The oval shape looked kinda sleepy, but after a few lines, I started to get into it. Good speed off the extension, great coping, escalator sections - it is a great bowl.

Although the park's a little too tight, Purkiss Rose [714.871.3638] did a good job on the design with the space they had to work with. I like the super smooth concrete, but you do slam into a wall or two as you try to keep your speed thru the park. It's too small, but its got flow and I like it more and more each time I skate it.

Now for the sad part of the story:

"I decided to take my two boys to skate Whittier this morning. We pulled up and the park was locked! I called the Whittier P.D. they explained that since the local kids weren't 'playing by our rules,' the park will only open at 3 PM... they're actually gonna charge admission to this place! Ha!!!"

- Mark: Apr '02

F**k. This is a pad thing... urrrg. All the city has to do is post signs that say "skate at your own risk" and they'd be fine. Unfortunately, they're not only trying to enforce the pad laws, but they're locking us out until a monitor can show up - that's probably why they need to charge admission. The worst thing you can do is build a park and lock kids out - what a disaster.

I like the park - and I'm super bummed for the locals - but I wouldn't pay to skate it either. The really stupid part is that locals will just go back to skating street, where there are no pads laws!!! F**kin' kills me every time. If they'd just post BIG ASS SIGNS and walk away, everything would be cool... but nooooo. Another lock down situation. F**kin' waste...

If you hear that this park is "unchained," we'd be glad to post that info. Until then, I have to recommend you skate elsewhere. In this part of the world, try Bellflower for "no hassle" rides. You've also got Cerritos, FUBAR hassles in Bell Gardens, fun concrete rides in Fullerton and Brea. Further out - a park that's actually worth paying for - check out Torrance.

Directions: From Los Angeles, take interstate 10 east to interstate 605 south. Exit at Whittier Boulevard and head east. Make a left onto Mar Vista, and take it to Washington Avenue. The skatepark is on the right, adjacent to the Whittier courthouse.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This shot of Whittier is a
little "spread out" - it's actually
a little tighter than this looks.

^ Here you have one
side of a little

^ SHITEO: This
guy had actually heard
of SKATEparkLIST! Don
Irigoyen busts a hand-
plant in this animated

^ Chase Logas tears
this place up -
bluntslide transfer
on the spine.

^ "The best thing at Whittier skatepark
is the capsule bowl." [Comments: Jerry Nolan]

^ Gimmicky? Yeah... but I
liked this weird gap. It
was fun to ollie over, and
you could also grind a line
between the bowl and the
street course... cool feature.

^ This fun box is
way too close to the
fence [just ditch the
useless fence already!],
but the locals had no
problems with it -
Chase Logas on this

^ There are a lot of
lines in this park
that begin or end with
this corner.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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