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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete [covered]
* Pay the price...
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: WSSP is DIY in SD so FU

The story of WSSP isn't even mine to tell.

Rippin' and road trippin' in SOCal's San Diego, skate gypsy and local guide Mayo Mendoza seemed to follow his nose. It wasn't hard to find - SD was buzzin' with the WSSP effort everywhere we went.
Tom Claypool was at Coronado for the "over 30" AM session... getting his lines in before he went back to work on the project that afternoon. Old Man Andy - over at the Monster Pool - mumbled something about that part of town... we had to check it out.

Screamin' at the top of its lungs, the generator pumped in the power amidst the drunk, the drained, and the determined. The light-weight cement mixer loomed on the horizon like a bank machine - takin' powdered deposits, emitting sloppy-gray withdrawals. Dogs worked paths into the space by your knees, adding to the chaotic sense of family and the medieval atmosphere. Rubber boots tramped around, empty cans of sauce exhaled stale fumes, dusty dudes with concrete dreams put in one last hour before dark.

The park was about 1/4 done that day. Mike, G-man and Phil had an after work session going down on a finished section. There were just 2 vertical feet of pure creativity - a spine capped w/ parking blocks - and three dudes rippin' mellow tricks like it ain't no thing. Mike's 2 year old golden beauty, "Indi," supervised the breakdown with a steady eye.

I heard they've had some set backs. I bet it can't be easy. I know it's gonna be sick! Sick! SICK!!!

Directions: If you helped build it - you already know where it is.

...scroll down for pics

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^ No parking at WSSP - there's
too much work to be done.

^ In a do-it-yourself skatepark,
the ghosts are there first. Haunting
flowy lines over raw, broken, earth.
Over unbuilt walls. Spirits drawn
from daydreams, projecting fame and
punishment like a forecast of
brutal systems blowing into town.

^ "If skaters build
it, it'll be perfect."
- Munk Hubbard

^ A hard day's work.

^ Power tools help,
but they won't get
your ass outta bed.

^ !!!ARrahNGGNnnhHA!!!

^ That's a 4 ft pyramid,
plus 3 ft of air beneath
the wheels of the skaters
that will float over this
thing in future sessions.

^ Heart and soul and about
1000 tons of materials...

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