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editor's note:
Yuba Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Yuba-ta recognize!

When people think of northern California, they're pretty much talking about the Bay Area. So if you live north of the Bay - say Yuba, for instance - you might as well be from Oregon. In fact, the Yuba skatepark probably gets more than a few visitors each year, from riders on their way up to the Southern Oregon parks...

I'm curious to know when this park was built? My guess is it's a little older than most of the parks around today - I'd guess early '99 or older. What's odd about this place is that it's not your average tiny little kid park. At 14,000 sq ft, it's more than just roomy, it's pretty gnarly. Did you see that spine - that's no 4 ft-er.

Yuba was designed by the Wormhoudt guys [831.426.8424] and the bowl [probably the standout feature] is similar to the Arcata [Got pics?] and Santa Rosa bowls. It looks a bit lumpy, it lacks coping, but it's just not your average kinda bowl. We've seen some sick arial shots of kids blasting outta that thing...

Other parks in this area include a park in Redding, one in Chico, and Grand Prix in Sacramento. There is a new park in Grass Valley that's supposed to be sick! We've also heard about a new place to ride in the town of Cameron Park. Check 'em out.

Directions: Coming from Chico, head south on Highway 99 for about 25 miles. In Yuba, take Highway 20 east to Gray Street. Head south on Gray St. for a few blocks to Sam Brannon Park. The skatepark is in the northwest corner of the park.

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^ She's got some lumps
for you, all right. Step
on up to Yuba...

^ New from Taco
Bell - it's the
Super Taco. 6 ft
of bone jarring
concrete topped w/
creaming coping.

^ Submit!

^ Big country spine

^ That's where it's

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