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editor's note:
Calgary Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete [lots of it!]
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Kicks Ass!"

Going back to early 2000, we started hearing about this park called "Shaw Millennium" skatepark in Calgary Canada. Since then, we've had about 100 submissions [with no pics!] asking how we could "miss" or "forget" this fine park... finally, after nearly 3 years, we got our first pictures - and they're from an Oregon local!

"Hey, there is a new park you need to add to the SKATEparkLIST. It just opened - it's 1/2 done - and it's awesome! Just thought you would like to know!"

- Jenna: Oct '00

In case you're thinking of hooking up this session over a weekend, you better have your plane tickets ready - Calgary is hella far away from everywhere. It's a 10 hr drive from Vancouver BC, 11 hrs from Spokane Washington, 5.5 hrs from Great Falls Montana, and a quick 39 hrs from Montreal Quebec.

"The fullpipe has been fixed and reopened this week. It is a 100% improvement with no worries of speed now. Skating last night, Randy Holmes was laying stickers at 10 o-clock. It was the coolest thing I've seen at the park to date."

- Anonymous: May '01

"It is huge, open 24 hours and no pads required. There is still a snake run expected for phase 2. The park was co-designed in 1998 by myself [Jay Balmer, New Line Skateparks - 604.882.0605] and Jim Barnum of Spectrum Skatepark Creations [250.238.0140]."

- Jay Balmer: Dec '02
  Newline Skateparks

For more fullpipe coverage, you could always start w/ the Baldy Pipeline, or any of the random trannie throughout the world. A fiberglass relic exists at Thrasher Land in AZ. I'm pretty sure Ecuador [South America] has an "oval" shaped pipe that was built to be skated. Earlier this year, Zac Wormhoudt's crew assembled the beast at Louisville KY, bringing PUBLIC fullpipes back to the US. Upland CA just opened a public fullpipe, inspired by the original "Upland Pipeline." Finally, we just got confirmation that the Dreamland crew has built a fullpipe in ID that you can roll OVER!

"We have an awesome outdoor park right here in Calgary... I believe that it is the largest outdoor park in North America [88,000 sq ft?]? We also have two huge indoor parks, one is called '403' and a new one opened this summer called 'The Source'."

- Pat Kuhn: Sep '02

Directions: There's a major highway that runs thru Calgary - highway 2. Take the 2 to exit 1a, heading west - might also be called Blackfoot Trail SE, and/or 17 Ave SE. Continue west on 1a ["Blackfoot/17th Ave SE"] across a river, and when Blackfoot and 17th Ave split, just stay on Blackfoot [still heading West]. At that point, you'll make a soft-right on 9th Ave, which you'll take west for several blocks. You're on an AVENUE, and the cross STREETS are numbered, first going down [14th St SE, 11 St SE, etc.], then back up on the "west" side [1st St SW, 8 St SW, etc.]. When you cross 11th St SW you're pretty much there. Look for 1220 9th Ave SW... we're told it's next to the Science Centre.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Better known for its rodeo scene
than its skating - Calgary has a
monster skatepark... big, big, big!
[Rider: Aaron Herrington]

^ "The clover bowl - from the top of the
fullpipe, looking over the Central Park"
By the way, if you like that clover bowl,
there's a smaller one like it at Aldergrove,
in Langley BC... [Photo/Comments: Jay Balmer]

^ "Alex Chalmers hitting a noseblunt on
the 15 ft capsule - note the papparazzi
that shared it with the masses"
[Photo/Comments: Jay Balmer]

^ That Tony Hawk guy hit this spot on
one of his little skatepark tours...
[Photo: Anne Herrington]

^ In addition to the rail/ledge set-up,
notice the fun box and some kind of "street
inspired" obstacle in the background...
[Rider: Aaron Herrington]

^ "Dan Drehobl storming into the Beginner
Park." See that little kicker? There's
another one of those kicker-gap-trannie
set-ups in Colorado.
[Photo/Comments: Jay Balmer]

^ Going over the spine the hard way!
[Rider: Aaron Herrington]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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