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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete / 'Sphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Bowl-ba-liscious

The skatepark scene is blowing up in Langley - they've got tons of parks poppin' up all over. Along w/ the new jammers the government is kickin' down, some of the classics are still worth a spin or two - the bowl at Aldergrove is just such a ride.

Let's play "pretend" for a second. Let's say that you want to figure out the whole BC bowl scene in one day. In that case, you could start here at Aldergrove for some of the basics. Around lunchtime, you'd head over to Parkgate for more advanced lessons. Now that you've warmed up, you'd move over Hastings for some "I'm the best bowl rider in the whole world" shit - 'cause that place is insane!!! Looking back on Aldergrove that night, you'll decide that even though you're a hardcore bowl ripper now, the little clover flow in Langley is still fun somehow. Okay, that's it, fantasy over.

If you're down in this neck of the woods, you might want to keep an eye out for the new park in Brookswood. We've also heard rumors of a Replay park further east in Abbotsford. Heading west will put you within striking range of New Westminster [pics coming soon], Richmond, and Whiterock.

Shout Out: If you're in Aldergrove, make sure to stop into Speedies skateshop and say hello to Derek Cebula, the owner. After a quick bowl session, we went over to check out the mini ramp in his store... it was quite a scene over there. If you're lucky, Derek will kick down some of skate-knowledge. He knows Canadian skating like Deawon knows picnic tables!!! Speedies is located at 27253 B. Fraser Hiway or call 604.607.7737 for more info.

Directions: Aldergrove skatepark is in eastern Langley township. From Vancouver take Highway 1 a little more than thirty miles east. When you pass Langley CIty, look for the 264th Street exit, take it and head a mile south. Make a left [east] on 29th Avenue, followed by a right [south] on 267 B Street. The Park is on the left in South Aldergrove Park. If you can't find it, ask around for the "high school."

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^ Welcome to the clover bowls
at Aldergrove

^ Here's your overview shot
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the whole image...]

^ This is really what
you're here for...

^ Desperate and die-
hard tech dawgs
will find a couple
of street features...

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^ ...but if you're
looking for technicals,
you might want to head
over to Brookswood

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