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editor's note:

* Outdoor: concrete / asphalt
* Free park
* Street Course
* Rating: Barely better than a parking lot

We generally love skateparks. But now and then we have to keep it real and tell it like it is... Ambleside skatepark is pretty weak, especially for BC. As in, "Shit, we drove all the way here for this...," kinda way.

"Yo! The Ambleside skatepark is actually in West Vancouver [we used to have it listed as a NorVan park]. Yes, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Vancouver are all different cities. This shocking fact only serves to reveal how bunk the Ambleside skatepark really is. West Van is like the "Beverly Hills" of BC and this park still sucks."

- Gabriel Caldwell: Jul '02

International playboys [and playgirls, for that matter] might think this place was designed after San Francisco's Pier 7 - which is actually a cool place to skate. But that place isn't a skatepark. It's basically a section of sidewalk the local woodpushers have adopted, and periodically assault, grinding and sliding and flipping along on those noisy sticks. But Ambleside was actually designed with skaters in mind... that's kind of embarrassing.

Too bad, really. This place makes even the most modest parks look hairball. "C-", baby, that's all you get. And to the Ambleside locals... no disrespect intended, you guys deserve better.

Want to see a real BC park, check out the much more worthy Vancouver super-park, Hastings, for a little dose of creativity and imagination...

Directions: From Vancouver take The Lions Gate Bridge north and turn left [west] at Marine Drive. Then take a left on 13th Street. The Skatepark is on the beach in Ambleside Park.
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^ Pier 7 style
concrete blocks with
smooth metal coping

^ Behold... the stairs

^ Foreground = block Background = banks

^ Heres the main

^ Submit!

^ This is probably
the most "unique",
or "exciting" part
of the park -
yes, it's a little

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