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editor's note:
Bomshell Miniramp

* Indoor: Metal
* Free [buy some stuff!]
* Trannie
* Rating: Da bomb

It's not hard core, and it's not concrete, but Bomshell's Miniramp is dry in the winter and ready to ride year round!

Bomshell is a "new" shop in Vancouver, not far from the PNE [where Slam City Jam is held each year]. I think a couple of guys named Mitch and Ken run this place. It's a "board riders" shop, with an emphasis on snow, wake, skate - all that. Yep, cool little scene with local grommits adding more purple to their hippers with each and every slam.

If you're looking for something else close by, China Creek is just down the street. For the local creme of the crop, check out Hastings. For something further away and a little different, check out Brookswood in Langley.

Directions: Super easy to find... take Hastings east from downtown Van City toward the PNE. After you pass the Second Narrows Bridge, it'll be on your left at 3561 E. Hastings. You can park in the Chinese food place next door or on the street. For more details, call the shop direct at 604.291.0574.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The military theme runs
thru the shop at Bomshelll.

^ Here's the ramp. It's weird,
made of metal, strange construction,
quick trannie, wacky coping...
all that and it's still fun to ride.
And it's definitely a cool place
to hang out.

^ 15-minutes of fame for
local Geoff Stinson.
Rock to fakie... look
at the kickflip damage
on that front foot. Good

^ Here's part of the sign
out front. See the Chinese
food place sign too? That's
where you park...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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