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* Outdoor: 'Crete / 'Sphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Be stoked you have a place to ride

Our buddy, Derek Cebula, at Speedies skateshop in Aldergrove [604.607.7737] told us about this new park just a few miles from his store. "Go this way, then that way, then up that hill and you'll find it." Sure enough, moments later we were at Brookswood skatepark watching the youngins destroy that place.

As of May '01 the Brookswood park was only a few weeks old. We grabbed our cameras and before we knew it, we'd run into "the Billies" and the rest of the B-Wood crew. First you got old Billy "10 stair" Tucker [see his handiwork below...] w/ mile-high moon ollies off of everything in the park. Then you got Billy "I'm from Kelowna" Z. He was kind enough to break off a zillion flips for us including nollie flips that were smoother than Crisco in a frying pan on Sunday morning! In fact, we tip our hat to all the B-Wood locals... our friends in the Canadian government dropped another hassle-free park in their laps and they knew just what to do w/ it!

For more southern BC parks worth riding, check out Richmond and Whiterock [pics coming soon]. There are funky little bowls in Aldergrove and *monster* bowls at Hastings. Finally, there are strange flowables at New Westminster... if you've got pics of any of the above, pls fire away.

Directions: From Vancouver take Highway 1 about thirty miles east. Take the 200th Street exit and head south. Make a left [east] onto 40th Avenue followed by another left [north] at 208th Street. Then take another left at 42nd Avenue, and the skatepark is on the right.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Big, flowable, plenty
of technicals - welcome
to Brookswood

^ Billy Tucker
gots pop

^ Here's another
shot of Billy T -
nice of the government to build the park
right beneath the
high-power lines...

^ The Brookswood
writers need to step
it up a little - but
this character was

^ This shot of Justin Ogden
was submitted to the site

^ If you forget the
directions - you're
looking for the Langley
Civic Center... the park
is right next door

^ Big stairs and
rails for the tuff
nuts out there

^ This 4 ft spine separates
the u-bowl from the
rest of the features

^ Cross-park view

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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